anti-fingerprint laminates in India

The anti-fingerprint laminates at Stylam India are engineered with advanced technology to achieve the satin-smooth finish. The laminates that the company designs are resistant to scratches and redefined to enable distinctive fingerprint resistance and durability. 

The anti-fingerprint laminates in India designed by the professional team perfectly adapt according to the vertical and horizontal application. Stylam is India’s best anti-fingerprint laminate manufacturer that serves high-end laminates that will change the entire look of your interior. 

The anti-fingerprint laminates specially cater for décor purposes and allow you to make your surface shine brighter impression-free. The laminate sheets are then draped and compressed with the kraft paper under intense pressure and high temperature to create the anti-fingerprint and non-porous surface. 

Stylam is the best Anti-fingerprint laminate manufacturer in India who always delivers the best laminate sheets that are hygienic, anti-bacterial, and resistant to wear and tear damages. The anti-fingerprint laminate also has deep-seated moleskin-like smoothness and texture.

What sets Stylam’s anti-fingerprint laminates apart from the others is: 

  • Quality assurance 
  • Satin smooth finish 
  • Highly resistant to scratches 
  • Redefined and customized 
  • Extensive range of the anti-fingerprint laminates 

Why Choose Stylam Anti-Fingerprint Laminates? 

Stylam consistently delivers top-class anti-fingerprint laminates free from oily smudges, finger-grease, resistant to fingerprints, and has an EB cured surface that ensures long-lasting performance. The company believes in delivering products whose quality speaks more than words. 

Stylam has a distinctive approach to designing anti-fingerprint laminates. The team takes the leverage of advanced computational software to match every parameter to deliver quality products. Be it your decorative purpose, office, and other, the soft matte finish anti-fingerprint laminate designed by them is ready to add class in your areas. 

Plus, they make sure that the laminates that they deliver to you will be protected against the damages such as scratches and spill damage. 


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