high gloss laminates

Technology and design combine to create a product that meets various requirements whether they are commercial or residential.

Inspiration from nature, the latest technology available, evolving home designs and requirements result in the creation of products that aspire to cater to ever need, however individualistic. Sometimes inspiration also starts with the little voice in your head that says that by combining the latest technology available with an existing material could not only lead to an upgrade but could create a more versatile or new product altogether. 

The environment and respect for our depleting reserves has made design even more creative. Inspiration also comes from personal requirements, a desire to improve the quality of life or create products that increase the longevity of your home, the safety of your environment. Needless to say, inspiration for laminates stems from various sources. It is channelised in various ways.

Then it is constantly refined to create the final product that meets all or numerous requirements. Wood and concrete texture laminates, digital laminates, acrylic laminates, toughened, anti-moisture, antifingerprint, high gloss laminates prove that every daily occurance, every calamity or every event celebrated can sow the seed or set the foundation for your next laminate.

Bright sunshine inspires yellow laminates that cheer up a kitchen, bold reds combined with black make a strong statement, wood and digital laminates bring nature indoors, textured laminates mimic stone but can also create warmth. And they all give you unique features and statement pieces.


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