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The tweed jacket was the extract of classic British fashion for decades. The tweed is created from pure wool with premium quality at Kinnaurhandcrafted. They provide a custom tweed for jackets for a comprehensive look. But nonetheless, tweed jackets may be worn individually and blended with numerous various styles.

Tweed is made from woolen cloth that originated from Scotland. The depth of tweed and its rocky weave was initially made for the frequent folk so as to secure them from harsh weather. That is the reason why this cloth remains ideal now for protection against rain, wind and the cold.

Himalayan fabric is a rough, closely woven woolen textile with a soft open and flexible texture. Tweed fiber is usually woven with a plain weave, twill or herringbone structure. You may get some color variations by blending dyed wool before spinning.

Himalayan Tweed, TAASH is a tweed fabric that is handwoven by the local villagers in their homes at the Northern ranges of Kinnaur, finished in the Himalayas, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Indian Himalayan ranges.

It’s no surprise that the tweed jacket is popular amongst hunters and fishers. Not just did a tweed jacket shield them from chilled weather, however, they also combined with their environment and seemed absolutely stylish due to their sports activities. Tweed is frequently connected with a more conventional style, but it’s, and it’ll stay a classic piece of clothing. 

If you’re a sort of person with an affinity for fashion, be sure to incorporate high-quality tweed jackets in your attire. Do not forget to read the broad and impressive assortment of a tweed jacket made from the best wool.

What’s a tweed jacket?

A tweed jacket is created from tweed that’s created from a woolen fabric. Tweed was and remains a staple of classic menswear. The title tweed originated in Scotland in the river Tweed that flows throughout the first producing state of the cloth.

The tweed jackets are made from premium quality fabric. The woolen cloth used is elastic but not as easy as some other kinds of wool. On the flip side, we also offer you some traditional looking tweed jackets in solid colors with a broad number of colors which range from black and brown to bright pink and yellow.

Traditionally particular areas in Britain had their signature tweed which is now Harris Tweed, Donegal Tweed, etc. Another known tweed is Himalayan tweed, Taash which is a handwoven craft from Kinnaur, a beautiful place in the Himalayan region.

So, if somebody asks what’s a Himalayan tweed? You can just tell them that is it a trademark tweed, Taash which is originated from the Himalayas.

What to wear with Tweed Jackets?

Having a tweed jacket in any of the patterns really speak for themselves. There’s not a chance that you will not be seen wherever you go. They are first and constantly look so classy. Men’s tweed jackets are extremely versatile pieces of clothes that can be combined with almost anything. 

Depending on the event there are several approaches that you can style them. From a casual into a formal look, using the right clothing and accessories can make your tweed coat really stand out.

Choose the best Tweed Jacket

In Kinnaurhandcrafted, you’ll discover a vast assortment of styles and colors of tweed to make a wonderful tweed jacket. It is important to one which will enhance your complexion and that is going to suit you perfectly. The tweed jackets are custom made so shouldn’t be an issue.

If you invest your time out frequently, utilize earthier tonnes of jackets. To get a smart-casual look attempt navy, gray, and bluish tones and pinkish tones. The smart-casual appearance is very good for office wear, weddings, wedding restaurant meetings, etc.. Some tweed jackets have stains that constitute a very distinctive addition to your coat.

So elbow stains are there in handy since they’re normally made of tear resistible materials such as leather, suede, etc.. Elbow patches are often replaceable which makes them super easy.

Based on the event you are able to decide on any plain top (blue, white, black…) However, you could always experiment with all the cloth of the shirt and the collar kind.

Pair your tweed jacket with formal pants, chinos, jeans as well as corduroy. Ensure that your bottoms match your tweed waist coat’s color instead of overshadowing them. The way to accessorize? Ensure that your accessories make your general outfit stand out and seem put together.

Tweed for Jackets in Kinnaurhandcrafted

The tweed jacket is produced from high-quality wool fabric, woven on handmade wooden khadi or handloom with exact approaches by expert craftsman. They provide premium quality at competitive tweed to make a vast selection of unique-looking jackets that can suit any contemporary gentleman. 

Buy the tweed for your customized jackets today.


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