Dark wood textured laminates

Men need to have a man cave or a den or maybe just that corner they can retreat to when they need their own space. The dark musky room where sport is king and a large screen holds the place of pride. Where soccer matches hold court and cricket ignites passion.

However it need not always be dark or covered in heavy furniture. And it need not be limited to just the lucky few who can afford it. The lux masculine look can quite easily be achieved with modern day laminates. 

Dark wood textured laminates can create the same look and feel without the cost of wood panelling. Moreover it’s quicker and cheaper to install. So you can indulge guilt free.

Bar counter tops in glossy laminate finish bring colour and durability to the game. Leave that glass wherever you like and no need to stress about stains or the guys getting rowdy at the bar. Well not for damage to your shiny new counter top at least!

If you’re like my brother who doesn’t like people touching the walls or switches because they leave marks, then the ant fingerprint laminate could be yours too. After all there’s no knowing who could be demonstrating a high lob after a few drinks. 

But laminates offer so much more.

Go beyond a simple desk and create an Art centre with nooks and corners, holders and pull out shelves for storing all that wonderful stationery – art supplies, doodle pens, markers – an array of bright colours, a visually inviting space.

Build a dark red platform for that drum set that has been logged in a corner of the garage for far too long. Or a comfortable counter to display that enormous Lego building. Cabinets to display your collection of antique cars or clocks a glass box to show off that stamp collection that has been handed down for three generations. Hobbies that saw you labouring over the tiniest details or fussing over the minutest technicalities in order to get that final flush fitting, can now be showcased with pride. 

Dark browns, deep blues, shiny reds, stark whites or that teal wall that forms a calming backdrop for your workstation in one corner of the room. Laminates offer an array of colours and textures, natural wood or stone finish facade along with individual properties like anti fingerprint or germ proof. They’ve always been experts at creating cubicles so any small space can be curtailed with bright laminates to create a tiny recording room or a noise proof music studio, for courtesy to the neighbours and your own peace of mind of course.

In a post pandemic world it’s time to indulge your passions. And as we all continue to work from home we need some space to let that creativity flow. So step into the world of laminates. Unleash your imagination. And create that space that is yours, that is you.


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