RIRS treatment in Chandigarh

These days with the changing lifestyle, kidney stones are becoming common problems among people in both men and women. Having a stone in the kidney means you have to tolerate endless pain, and side by side, it affects the body’s working. Well, if you look on the internet, there are various ways by which you can get rid of kidney stones, but there is no guarantee that the solution will work or not.

So, if you are the one who is suffering from a kidney stone and want to get rid of it, then RIRS treatment in Chandigarh is the solution. It is one of the best treatments for kidney stones via endoscopic surgery. 

It is the less invasive surgery that helps to remove the renal stone from the kidney. It is performed with the help of a device called ureter scopes placed through the urethra and passed via the bladder inside the kidney. The question that comes up now is how kidney stones are removed? 

It is removed with the help of a laser beam, which breaks the kidney stone and comes out via the patient’s urine. It is the best surgery for patients suffering from kidney stones, and RIRS treatment in Chandigarh is the best and safest treatment.

The surgery is performed by one of the best doctors of RIRS named Dr. Neeraj Goyal, who holds a great deal of experience in performing this surgery. He has established a name for himself in being the best kidney surgeon in the region.

So, for the best treatment and medical services, contact one of the leading and reputed doctors of Chandigarh that is Dr. Neeraj Goyal. For further information, you can contact them via phone and get the appropriate information about the surgery. 


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