mako total knee replacement in Maharashtra

A Mako total knee replacement is a treatment for adults with mid or late-stage osteoarthritis of the knee. It allows your surgeon to pre-plan your surgery using mako’s software. It includes a robotic arm to precisely move to remove your bones and cartilage.

It is better than the conventional knee replacement as it provides less pain and even protects our soft tissues and ligaments from damage. The mako surgery takes approximately an hour to complete with a hospital stay of less than a day. 

The mako total knee replacement in Maharashtra is introduced at the Revival Hospital.  It is known as the best hospital for mako knee replacement in the region. Here are some of the advantages of mako knee replacement surgery available at Revival Hospital.

  1. Quick recovery

The mako total knee replacement provides a quicker recovery than the traditional methods for knee replacements. It is very fast as it allows you to walk a few hours after the surgery. However, the full recovery of your knee will take place between 3-4 weeks after the surgery. 

  1. Need of surgeons

We all need to remember that a mako is just a mechanised tool. It can help the surgeons perform the surgery but can’t completely replace them. It only helps with the procedure. At the same time, the specialized team of surgeons of Revival hospital will help with the actual knee replacement. 

  1. Makes the surgery easier

The mako surgery provides the surgeons with an easy guide to the surgery. Although it makes the surgery easy and provides a quick recovery, it is not easy to understand the mako software. It takes doctors to undergo training to use the mako software. 

  1. High success rates

The mako knee replacement technique used at Revival hospital has raised the successful surgery rates of the hospital with a low number of complications. 

These were some of the advantages and qualities of the mako knee replacement technique available at Revival hospital. So, it would be best to choose Revival hospital for your knee replacement surgeries as the team of surgeons are there to help and bring a smile to the patient’s face 24/7. 


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