best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai

All of us as humans get injuries while doing any activity. Minor injuries can turn into chronic conditions if not taken care of. You should, without any delay, get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get a good treatment for your injury. When you are in pain, you wish for the best orthopedic doctor for yourself. 

Many questions come to mind about choosing the right doctor for your treatment, qualifications, techniques, and many other things. A wrong choice can reduce the quality of your life due to the wrong treatment provided to you. So you can’t make the wrong choice and put your life in the wrong hands. 

So we have a good choice for you here. Dr Kunal Patel, the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. He has all the qualities of an excellent orthopedic surgeon. 

Why choose Dr Kunal Patel?  

  • Dr Kunal is a doctor with an easy approach. He does not sell his patients with long bills. He has a very patient-friendly attitude and is frank about all possible outcomes of the surgery.
  • He is a doctor with an outstanding set of skills. Handwork plays a significant role in performing surgeries. He has good hand and eye coordination which provides accuracy in all of his surgeries. 
  • He considers every possible way of treating his patient. He has a good rate of successful surgeries.
  • He has a good work ethic. He has adapted himself and got used to the long hours of patience and work required in a successful surgery. 
  • He provides the best knee and hip replacement surgeries along with shoulder arthroscopy. 
  • He has good listening skills. He listens to the problems of his patients carefully and keeps them calm and confident. 
  • Due to his excellent reputation, he provides treatment in other hospitals as and when needed. 


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