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Nowadays nobody likes their old fashion single colour wall with dark furniture. Laminates add new design and transform houses into something expensive and beautiful look which nobody can’t take the eye off when they see it. You can use laminates on the floor, walls, outside wall of the building. In this article, you’ll know what are the different types of Laminates and which is the best Laminate Brand in India.

What are laminates?

Decorative Laminate is a blend of paper and plastic resins. It is a hard and brittle sheet which have a thickness of around 1 mm and widely used as an overlay over furniture items, cabinets and also for wall panelling. These sheets have a decorative surface which is made up by using decorative printed paper and manufactured in a wide variety of colours, design patterns and textures which adds a beautiful design to your house.

Types of laminates: 

Laminates mainly are of two types:

HPL(high-pressure Laminates)

The high-pressure laminate is manufactured under a complex process as it involves soaking of the brown paper, decorative paper and translucent into the plastic-based resins. There are multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated with a thermosetting resin. 

Then these papers are pressed and bonded together. The high-pressure laminate is permanently bonded with special glue. To make the bond strong pressure and heat were implemented simultaneously for over an hour. Depending on the amount of pressure used in the bonding process, laminates can be classified as HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) or LPL (Low-Pressure Laminates).

LPL(low-Pressure Laminates)

In the case of Low-Pressure Laminates (LPL) only the decorative paper is soaked in Melamine resin, and the laminated paper is then directly bonded to Particle Boards or Fiber Boards (MDF and HDF).

Stylam Laminates and manufacturers are the best laminate brand in India who has the Asia biggest plant in India. They have a variety of high-pressure laminate sheets which comes with different colours and textures. You can even purchase laminates online from their site with a hassle-free procedure and is one of the best High-Pressure Laminate Brand in India.

Regular Laminate sheets

The regular laminate sheets usually have a thickness of about 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. These sheets are less thicker than the compact Laminates. These Regular Laminates sheets are glued by craftsmen to substrate materials using common adhesives like Fevicol.

Compact Laminates

Compact Laminates are one of the thickest laminates which do not require to be glued to wood or any other material as they have a thickness of around 3mm to 30mm. Both the side of these Laminates are decorative.

Types Of Laminates Based On Usage

Decorative Laminate

As the Name suggests Decorative Laminates are mainly used for decorating and protect furniture. These laminates give our houses and furniture a premium finish. These types of laminates can be used in the office, designing home interior, walls etc. Decorative laminates help to give your house attractive looks and your house look modern.

Industrial Laminate

Industrial Laminate has a surface that has a higher resistance against scratch and wears and tear. These laminate are high in strength that’s why most of the circuit board are used using Industrial Laminates. They are more durable that’s why Industrial Laminates can be used in office furniture, house outwalls etc. The only main difference is that Industrial Laminates are more durable.


If you want the best Decorative laminates then Sylam Laminates is the Asia biggest Laminates Manufacture which offers different designs of Laminates to enlighten your house. These Laminates will help you to attain your dream workplace of yours, ranging from mild and Vintage look conference toom with vibrant colours. Not only the office you can amaze your guest with the interior design of your house which adds amazing beauty to your house. Sylam has more than thousands of designs to choose from.


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