You have tried everything from your side, avail various offers, tried hiring best real estate agents at Wanneroo but still, you are not able to get any potential buyers. There are many reasons due to which your house is not selling.  Below are some tips by the best real estate agent of Perth which will answer your question “why my house is not Selling”. 

Follow the advice and made some changes by doing so, you’ll definitely able to close the deals soon. Selling your house could be one of the challenging if you don’t know how to do it properly. 

You don’t have the best real estate agents: 

This could be the number one reason why your property is not selling. If you hire a wrong realtor whose charges are less or don’t have a good background in selling then they might delay your sales.

You need to hire the best real estate agents who can sell your property at the best price and fast. If you want to sell your property fast then It’s better to find the real estate agent who had sold properly fast in his past deals. 

You can hire professional Wanneroo realtor who is one of the best real estate agent in Perth where you’ll find skilled agents who will guide you properly. They do most of the sales at Perth and their main aim is to provide customer satisfaction.

Your property is a mess 

When any buyer comes to visit your house but your house looks mess then this could stop turning buyer. If your house looks like a messy place, all the things are not in its place then the house doesn’t look attractive.

Make sure to clean up your place, keep your lawn clean and everything must look perfect only then visiter can be convinced. Move your vehicle out of the front gate to give it a more spacious look.

Keep this in mind the more appealing your property look more chances will be increased to close the deal. 

Property price is too high:  

If you’re selling your house at a high price then no one will buy it.  Most of us think our property is more valuable than others property in the market but if you want to sell your house you need to keep the price competitive not too high nor too low.

To determine the price of the property you need to first analyse the recent property sold in your area. Compare sold property with yours and set a price accordingly. You can calculate the estimate of your property online which will give you a raw estimate of your property.

Set your fix price at the beginning after doing proper research then don’t change it. Always remember the price shown in the property portal are the marketing price, the sale price is lower than 5% so set your price accordingly.

Photographs are not attractive: 

One photo is more than a thousand words likewise you just need the best photographs of your house if you want to close the deal. The first impression of your property likely to convert the prospective buyer on the table. 

There are many others who are trying to sell their house, so your house picture needs to be stand out than others only then you’ll able to grab the attention of the buyer.  

Here are some tips to follow: 

  • Take a picture when your house is clean and everything is placed at their own place. 
  • If photos are taken by the real estate agent make the sure house look good in it 
  • look for other sold house images and try to capture in same image

At the end: 

Consider to follow all the mention points or you hire professional real estate agents who are skills and sells most of the property at Perth.  As said earlier don’t go for a cheap realtor for selling your house you need the best real estate agent who can help you in selling your house at the best price which can satisfy you.


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