best treatment for PCOS in India
best treatment for PCOS in India

Do you know about the best treatment for PCOS in India? This article will help you in getting ways to overcome PCOS. First, let us first discuss the PCOS, its causes and symptoms. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a common hormonal imbalance that causes a number of different ailments in women of reproductive age.

From the female body, ovaries make the egg and that’s released every month as part of their menstrual cycle. The best treatment for PCOS in India helps women to overcome this cyst. PCOS causes irregular in menstrual intervals and this results in the development of little cysts in ovaries. These cysts can further cause endometrial cancer.

It also sometimes causes infertility.

PCOS can occur at any age following puberty or involving age 14 to 40. Because of less awareness of the disorder, the majority of women find out they’ve PCOS inside their 20’s and 30’s if they confront difficulties in conceiving. Nowadays, girls of all races and ethnicities are in danger of PCOS but that risk could be greater for you in case your mom, aunt or sister have PCOS.

Hormones Related to PCOS:

Women with PCOS have imbalance and metabolism problems that might influence their general health and look.

Androgen: it’s often known as the”male” hormone however girls have it as well. Women with PCOS often get a high degree of the hormone, which causes hair loss, unwanted hair growth, difficulty in getting pregnant, etc.

Insulin: This is the hormone responsible for handling the blood glucose of the entire body. PCOS victim body stops responding to the hormone that causes diabetes and other health problems.

Progesterone: One of the major female hormone. But, with PCOS cost, your body may not have enough of this hormone.

Common Signs of PCOS:

PCOS may be treated along with also the best treatment for PCOS in India, depends upon the symptoms, so lets first talk about the overall symptoms of PCOS cited by physicians:

  • Irregular Periods
  • High level of male hormones
  • Infertility Problems
  • Excess Facial and Body hair
  • Severe Acne/Pimples
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Small Cysts in ovaries
  • Painful Menstruation Cycle
  • Anxiety and Depression

Best Treatment For PCOS In India

“Before attempting any treatment choice, it is important to talk about your identification with your healthcare provider and collaborate with a plan that is appropriate for you.”

The best treatment for PCOS in India normally focuses on control of your individual principal issues, such as infertility, hirsutism, acne or obesity.

There’s absolutely no cure for PCOS however, the symptoms are treatable with varying levels of success. The principal reason you need to take a cure for PCOS is to ameliorate bodily alterations and protect against long-term dangers to your wellbeing.

Your health care provider will choose the treatment choices for you according to your symptoms, whether you would like to become pregnant, as well as preventative management to reduce your chances of getting heart disease and diabetes later on.

Lifestyle Changes

To decrease the PCOS effects, you must work on:

Healthy body weight: Weight reduction is the best treatment for PCOS in India that can decrease insulin and androgen levels and might restore ovulation. Consult your physician about a weight-control program, also meet frequently with a dietitian for help in attaining weight-loss targets.

Restrict carbohydrates: Low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets may boost insulin levels. Consult your physician about a low-carbohydrate diet when you have PCOS. Select complex carbohydrates, which increase your blood glucose levels more slowly.

Be busy: Exercise helps reduce blood glucose levels. In case you have PCOS, increasing your everyday activity and engaging in a regular exercise regimen can treat or prevent insulin resistance and also help you maintain your weight in check and prevent developing diabetes.

Calories Strategies: Some studies suggest that caloric consumption timing may have a large effect on glucose, cholesterol and insulin levels. Lowering insulin might potentially assist with infertility difficulties. 

High magnesium: Many women with PCOS display symptoms of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, risk factors that increase the risk for cardiovascular disease along with other problems such as stroke and diabetes. Obese, insulin-resistant areas who received 300 mg of magnesium during pregnancy showed a substantial improvement in fasting blood sugar and insulin levels, compared to subjects who received a placebo.

Intake Omega-3s: Fish oil was associated with a lengthy list of health benefits, and some research suggests that omega-3 nutritional supplements can reduce androgen levels in women with PCOS. 1 research discovered that women with PCOS that had been awarded three g of omega-3s each day for eight months had reduced testosterone levels and were prone to restart normal menses than subjects who received a placebo.

Final Words

We discussed some best treatment for PCOS in India, that can help in treating some symptoms of PCOS. But all these treatments are sometimes difficult to find and are somehow costly.

FUROCYST is a natural supplement that is made of fenugreek seed extracts that help in treating the symptoms of PCOS. Furocyst is a clinically approved supplement for PCOS that naturally cure the symptoms and is the best treatment for PCOS in India.

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