robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai

The pain in the joints of the body is also called arthritis. Till now, the doctors may not be able to find the permanent solution to cure it, but with the help of technology and research, new methods are coming up which offer long-term relief to the joint pain patient. 

One of its kind is Robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai that can deliver long-term relief to the patient with arthritis in a short span of time. In this surgery, the traditional process is done via a robotic arm. But many of the individuals are very confused about this process. That’s why patients are on the fence.

So, to make it clear, here are some of the considerations by which you can easily understand this surgery: –

  1. A robot does not perform the surgery.

This is the biggest misconception among people that a robot does this surgery. But this is not the case as a robotic arm does the whole process, but an orthopaedic surgeon can control it. 

Overall, the robot can assist the surgeon so that they can do their work with greater precision.

  1. Experience is the critical factor

No doubt, state-of-art robotic arms will have the full potential to offer excellent outcomes to the patient, but there is no replacement for experience. That means you still have to opt for the best orthopaedic surgeon who has lots of experience in performing these surgeries.

  1. It can reduce the overall recovery time.

In traditional knee replacement surgery, the patient can resume normal activities after 6 to 8 weeks. But, in robotic surgery, the total recovery time is reduced to half.

With the combination of a small incision and greater precision, recovery time is fast as fewer bones get disturbed.

The final words

To inquire more about robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai, consult Revival Bone and Joint Hospital. It is one of the leading super speciality hospitals in Mumbai that offers exceptional medical services to people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, sports injury, and degenerative arthritis. 

So, if you are suffering from any of these, come and make an appointment with their experienced and qualified doctors. 


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