RIRS Kidney stone treatment in Chandigarh

Due to the rapidly changing lifestyle, renal stones or kidney stones is a very common scenario and no doubt agonizing ailment. Renal stones are deposits of minerals that make their space in the urinary tract resulting in excess pain, malaise, and discomfort. 

However, individuals who suffer from this pain find a burning sensation while urinating. Apart from that, they also suffer from severe pain in the back and side below the ribs. 

If the kidney stones are tiny, they can be treated by medication passed through urine, but a larger one needs surgical or non-surgical treatment from the best RIRS kidney stone treatment in Chandigarh. 

However, this surgery has many advantages, like RIRS for kidney stone extraction surgery is performed very quicker than traditional open surgeries. Moreover, after the surgery, the patient won’t experience much pain, and they will recover faster than usual. The best part of this surgery is it offers excellent results in the clearance of renal stones.

Now the main question is, who is the best doctor for RIRS Kidney stone treatment in Chandigarh?

It is none other than Dr Neeraj Goyal, the best surgeon for kidney transplantation. Over the years, his Kidney Transplant centre offers holistic Pre and Post-Transplant specialized care. He has a rich experience of over 15 years in doing kidney surgeries, and no doubt almost every patient is fully satisfied with his work.

Moreover, Dr Neeraj Goyal is led by a very young and dynamic team dedicated to offering the best outcome in kidney surgeries. In addition to kidney transplant, he is also specialized in Retroperitoneoscopic Donor Nephrectomy, which means removing the kidney from the donor’s body with minimal surgery. 

So, if you are suffering from renal stone or kidney stone, consult Dr Neeraj Goyal and have an excellent treatment at an affordable cost. 


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