best urologists in Ambala

A urologist doctor is the one who provides treatment associated with diseases or disorders in the male or female urinary tract. They offer you treatment or solutions that affect one’s urinary system along with the kidney, urethra adrenal glands, and bladder. They also treat any kidney blockages and kidney stones.

A urologist performs a physical exam to examine your disorders. They diagnose and provide treatment for any problems in the reproductive tract in men and women. Surgeries can also be performed to prevent any blockage or cancer in kidneys or urinary tracts.

So to make your search easy for a good urologist hospital for you, we will brief you about Amcare Hospital which has the best-certified team of doctors and the best urologists in Ambala

Dr. MS Randhawa

M.S. M.Ch. – Urology

When is there a need for a Urologist?

The time for consulting a urologist doctor is when you see any minor or major symptoms in your urinary tract. You should call for a urologist if you have any infection in the kidney, blockages, stones in the kidney, swollen or infected bladder, or severe ailments like cancer. Symptoms also include decreased sex desires, urinary leakage, blood in urine, and many more. It would be best if you did not wait long to consult a doctor as in many cases, conditions can go severe.

Services provided by Amcare Hospital

  • Amcare hospital provides inside lab facilities. They provide the facility of taking your tests to diagnose the disease and provide reports within the hospital walls.
  • They provide their patients with blood bank facilities in the hospital. Emergency needs can rise for patients requiring blood, so they have enough blood facilities for the needy.
  • They provide 24/7 ambulatory services for their patients. The staff works round the clock to save the precious lives of the patients.
  • They have the latest technologies required in the treatments. They have well-equipped operation theatres to treat complicated cases.


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