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Knee replacement is very common amongst people who experience constant knee pain, joint problems, and other things. Usually, to cure the problem, people follow the traditional surgical method to treat the problem. But now, knee replacement surgery is done with advanced robotic machines. 

Robotic knee surgery sounds futuristic, but these days it is followed worldwide as it is less invasive, has minimal blood loss, and is easy to perform. In addition, the recovery time is less as compared to the traditional surgery method. 

 robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai

What is Robotic Knee Surgery? 

Robotic surgery is performed with the help of robots by surgeons. Robotic surgical arms perform the entire surgery. The robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai has become the most integral part of knee surgery. 

The robotic arms work from the 3D images, followed by the CT scan, prepare the bones, introduce the implant, balance the implant, and check the fit. For patients suffering from severe knee pain but who don’t want to go for the traditional surgery, robotic knee replacement surgery is the best. 

In robot knee replacement surgery, the orthopedic surgeon creates a virtual three-dimensional model by using the CT scan. Moreover, specialized software helps the customization to complete the knee replacement based on the anatomy of the patient’s knee. 

Advantages of the Robotic Knee Surgery

The technique is minimally invasive and provides you with long-term benefits. The knee replacement surgery improves the function of the knee, extends longevity, and helps decrease premature implant failure. 

  • The assisted robotic knee surgery success rate is higher in comparison to the traditional method. 
  • Moreover, it potentially reduces the downtime and recovery time. 
  • The patient often experiences minimum blood loss. 
  • The risk of nerve damage and other issues is minimum. 

Usually, robotic knee surgery is done with the assisted robotics arms that help identify the correct alignment where you need to place the metal implant. This will be based on the X-rays of the joint. The candidate with severe health issues like diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory disease can undergo robotic knee replacement surgery. In addition, the surgery will help to get relief from joint pain and other issues.


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