knee replacement surgery

Now gone are those days when people used to have a traditional knee replacement surgery to experience excessive blood loss. Today, people and even surgeons also choose robotic knee replacement surgery because it is less invasive and requires less recovery time. 

However, some patients still hesitate to have robotic surgery because they think it is unsafe and risks their lives. But the truth is the patient will have various health benefits by having the robotic knee replacement surgery. 

To clear the vague thoughts, let us compare the traditional knee replacement surgery method and robotic knee replacement surgery. 

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Is Minimally Invasive 

Traditional knee replacement surgery requires the vision of the surgeon’s physical evaluation followed by the X-rays images and manual surgery. The robotic knee replacement surgery is performed by the robotic arms, followed by computed tomography scanning. 

It is minimally invasive as compared to the traditional method. For example, there is minimal blood loss in robotic surgery and doesn’t require more incision as required in the traditional method. 

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery has the Highest Success Rate. 

The robotic arms perform the robotic knee replacement surgery under the guidance of an experienced surgeon. It is an innovative procedure and offers the highest success rate in comparison to the traditional surgical method. In contrast, robotic knee replacement surgery targets only the specific location and doesn’t damage nearby tissues. 

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Requires Minimum Recovery Time 

There is one more benefit of having robotic knee replacement surgery in place of the traditional surgery method: the recovery time is less. The patients can, within a week or two, resume their work. On the other hand, in the traditional surgical method, the recovery time is higher. Excessive blood loss may weaken the patient, and they require time to resume their work. 

Bottom Line 

These are the key differences between robotic knee replacement surgery and the traditional method of surgery. In addition, robotic knee surgery has the highest accuracy rate, doesn’t require an incision, and is safe for patients suffering from health issues such as diabetes and others.


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