RIRS surgery in Chandigarh

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery, also called RIRS, is the name of the surgery which is performed on the individual having renal stones or kidney stones. Basically, this surgery is done without making an incision on the kidney of the patient. Still, the RIRS surgery in Chandigarh is done with the help of a laser, and a tube called a Fiberoptic endoscope which passes through the urethra to the kidney. 

The doctor who performs this surgery has to be a specialized urologist who has much experience in RIRS. 

Causes of RIRS, which is otherwise difficult to treat.

  • Suffer from bleeding disorder in the kidney
  • Have tumors in the kidney
  • Kidney stones are too larger which cannot be treated by lithotripsy
  • Renal stone in children
  • Have failed attempts while taking treatment
  • Strictures in kidney
  • Grossly obese individuals

Duration of the RIRS

In reality, the total duration of RIRS treatment is not exact, which means it depends upon the size of the stone. If the size of the renal stone is large, then it will take more time; otherwise, it will only take half or one hour.

Advantages of RIRS

There are various advantages of this procedure: –

  1. The surgery is very simple means not painful during and after
  2. No bleeding
  3. The patient doesn’t have to be hospitalized for more than one or two days
  4. Both kidneys are treated at the same time
  5. The overall recovery period is very short
  6. Best for both adults and children
  7.  The surgery is performed after giving anesthesia; that’s why it is painless.
  8. Very few complications

If you or any of your family members suffer from renal stones or kidney stones and are looking for the best RIRS surgery in Chandigarh, consult Dr. Neeraj Goyal. He is one of the leading urologists of Chandigarh who performs kidney transplant surgery with full satisfaction that offers excellent results. In addition to that, he has a lot of experience in doing surgeries on kidney stone patients. 

For further information, you can call their clinic during office hours or visit personally for the appointment.  


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