hip replacement surgeons in Thane
hip replacement surgeons in Thane

These days most individuals, both men, and women are suffering from hip pain. However, it can be due to arthritis, maybe due to fracture, or any other medical condition by which normal activities like walking, sitting, and getting up from the chair get very difficult. In these cases, the hip gets stiff, or you can say hard, and some people find difficulty in resting.

No doubt hip replacement surgery is the last option which doctors opt for; otherwise, first, they give various alternative treatments in the form of medication, some exercises, etc. At last, when any of the treatments do not work or control the pain, only then do doctors suggest a hip replacement surgery. 

What is hip replacement surgery?

Performed by the best hip replacement surgeons in Thane, it is the removal or replacement of a portion of the pelvis and also the thigh bone that makes the hip joint. The main motive of doing this is to offer relief from the pain and stiffness caused by various factors.

Apart from that, this hip replacement surgery is also done on patients with the broken or improper growing hip.

Risk of hip replacement surgery

This surgery is safe. However, every surgery has some type of risk, in which infection is the most serious. On the other hand, HSS has a very low rate of infection so, don’t worry. 

Other types of risks: –

  • Blood clots in leg or pelvis
  • Accidental hip dislocation 
  • Leg-length inequality 
  • Loosening and implant wear
  • Nerve and blood vessel injury
  • Fracture
  • Stiffness
  • Bleeding 
  • Pain might occur after surgery in some patients

So, if you are suffering from hip pain and no medication is relieving the pain, then it is the right time for hip replacement surgery. For this, you can consult one of the leading hospitals, Revival Bone and Joint Hospital. It is a super-specialty hospital based in the heart of Thane. They have a well-qualified, experienced, and skilled team of doctors and staff who always keep a keen eye on every patient.


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