High-Pressure Laminates for Your Work Place

With a definite shift in the need of interior decoration from being “fundamental” and ‘functional” to artistic and designer, nobody would like to settle into a workplace with the exact same old white walls and dark wood furniture. Your workplace also defines your work ethics and criteria. Any interior designer you utilize will swear by High-Pressure Laminate Brand in India to make your office not only decorative but also highly functional.


The high-pressure laminate is manufactured under a complex process. It’s created from superimposed multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated with a thermosetting resin. The production strain of 1400 psi ensures that a high-pressure laminate is got. The high-pressure laminate is permanently bonded to a substrate using a special glue. To be able to achieve the ideal bond, pressure and heat are implemented simultaneously for over an hour. Our Stylam sells and manufactures high-pressure laminate sheets in varied colors and textures. You can even purchase laminates online from our site with a hassle-free procedure and is one of the best High-Pressure Laminate Brand in India.


With plenty of designs, colors, and textures to choose from, Laminates won’t only provide your workplace that touch of thoughtful taste but its own enhanced strength, durability, and stability also make it worth every penny.

This process makes it among the most durable materials for floors, laptops, countertops, etc..


Wooden laminates as floors in addition to tabletops and wall panels can give your workplace a chic and modern look while keeping intact the aesthetic feel of the atmosphere. Laminates are also easy to install and can be secured to the surface with adhesives.

Another user-friendly feature about laminates is the fact that it can be remodeled under high heat and pressure to give it any desired shape. This will give your office a seamless look with no sharp edges, making it safe and suave. Nothing surpasses”modern and chic” like a workplace setting done in the ideal colors and texture of wooden laminates decorated with nominal show-pieces.


Generous use of wooden laminates in countertops and flooring will ensure that you don’t have to splurge in ornamental pieces that are costly and easily breakable. Therefore, laminates aren’t merely low maintenance but also helps in cutting costs with the whole decor.

In the international market, India conveys a major share equally as laminate manufacturers and customers. Some of the greatest laminates in India, with their artistic heritage, are one of the best laminate manufacturers in the world.

Designing an office anywhere in the country will give you a vast variety of the finest laminates from India to choose from, as a result of the numerous laminate Brands in India with hundreds of shops and unlimited online catalogs. With the unending selection of texture, design, and colors, using wooden laminates will make the choice of designs and fabrics for your office furniture much simpler. Matching and contrasting colors and patterns will not restrict your choice and neither will you need to compromise on the quality.


Right manufacturing PROCESS and good QUALITY of raw material would be the two key aspects governing the best satisfaction of consumers purchasing high-pressure laminates. The practice of producing high-pressure laminates is quite crucial that may impact its quality. The degree of pressure and heat need to be accurate so that higher standards of structural and surface qualities are achieved. Also, poor quality raw materials mean that you get poor high-pressure laminates. Virgo, the topnotch High-Pressure Laminate Brand in India, ensures that the facets, superior QUALITY of raw material used and appropriate production PROCESS are not compromised.


The high-pressure laminates provide a host of advantages. This is exactly the reason why they are extensively utilized as a high heeled laminate exterior cladding as well as for interiors.

1. A high heeled laminate includes high impact resistance, which makes it flexible and strong.

2. It is scratch-resistant; and therefore, it is preferred for all types of inside décor.

3. It has high heat resistance. It’s suitability for contact with food. This is the reason why it is used in house and hotel kitchens all over.

4. It’s not hard on upkeep.

5. It is durable and has a lifespan of over 15 years.

6. A high-pressure laminate is highly versatile. High-pressure laminate sheets may be applied to horizontal spaces in houses and corporate office work surfaces. They can be also employed in vertical spaces such as in bedrooms, walls, cubicles and living wall rooms. This makes the high pressure laminates the preferred choice of the majority of interior decorators.

7. High-pressure laminate sheets come in a variety of shades and textures. So finding the perfect match for your workplace or house will be easy.

8. High-pressure laminates are fashionable.

A high-pressure laminate sheet can be used both in vertical and horizontal layouts. These could be used for house exterior in addition to interiors. The high-pressure laminate exterior cladding is used on facades and leaves the building look stylish and classy. High-Pressure Laminate Brand in India can be used both in commercial complexes and residential components. They can be widely used to be applied to the following:

  • Doors
  • Shelves
  • cubicles
  • Displays
  • Office partitions
  • Reception desks
  • Home furniture items and many more.

The ideal use of laminates will help you attain the dream workplace of yours, ranging from the mild and chic Vintage conference room to a cubicle room with vibrant colors reflecting the energy of your employees to a very timeless Stylam setting of your workplace that screams sophistication and taste, and anything in between and the best High-Pressure Laminate Brand in India


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