increase testosterone levels
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If you want to increase testosterone levels naturally and don’t want to consume any drugs then this article will help you to find the best foods which increase testosterone levels naturally. You should avoid using drugs as long as possible because your drugs can give you side effects later. Testosterone is an important hormone in the body of males and females which is responsible for building muscles, strengthens our bones,  hair growth, strength our body etc. Although testosterone hormone is less in females as compared to men that’s why man has more muscles, hairs etc. 

Here is list of 10 foods which will help you to increase testosterone levels:  


boost testosterone naturally

Broccoli is a human-made vegetable which is rich in protein and fibre.  Broccoli contains INDOLE-3-CARBINOL which helps in reduce the estrogen level. INDOLE-3-CARBINOL can be used in the treatment of major diseases like cancer, tumours inside the respiratory tract and many others.

Broccoli is also a rich source of protein, vitamins, manganese and fibre. This veg not only boosts testosterone but also decreases the risk of other heart diseases, obesity etc. to take all the health benefits of broccoli start adding this veg into your daily diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

boost testosterone naturally

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best food which you can consume to boost your testosterone levels which no one knows about. Pumpkin seed never used and thrown into the trash can but pumpkin contains zinc and magnesium, both are one of the important elements required to increase the testosterone levels.

This is not it pumpkin seeds also has various other health benefits too as it helps in lower the blood sugar levels, high in antioxidants, improves heart health, boosts the immune system, etc. next time Before throwing out the pumpkin seeds remember it’s health benefits and consume it instead of throwing. 


increase testosterone levels

Eggs contain proteins and minerals in high quantity than any other food in the list. Eggs white part contains protein and the inner yolk consists of nutrition, fats and essential minerals which help to boost testosterone naturally. 

Egg is one of the healthiest food which everyone should include in their balanced diet. Although Egg is not considered for those who have high cholesterol levels. Egg yolk consists of good cholesterol which you can eat still you can eat the white part of the boiled egg which only contains protein.


boost testosterone naturally

Oysters are rich in protein, magnesium, zinc and in various other minerals which helps in boost the testosterone levels naturally. oysters are low in fats and have fewer calories which will make you feel fuller after eating.

Oysters also have other health benefits as it helps in increasing blood circulation, protect various heart diseases, improves the healing process, etc. 


boost testosterone naturally

Ginger is a spice which is used while cooking food. You can easily found it either in powder form or in raw form and ginger is also used as a medicine due to its health benefits.

According to research, it is found that ginger helps to boost the testosterone levels and also beneficial in cold and flu relief, pain reduction, and in various other health problems.  


Garlic is for natural low testosterone ayurvedic treatment which contains allicin which helps in reducing the cortisol levels. Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland, which produces a variety of hormone including testosterone.

Stree produces cortisol in our body which reduces the production of testosterone level in our body. Garlic is an ayurvedic testosterone booster which helps in boosting the testosterone levels as it reduces the cortisol which was raised due to stress. 


boost testosterone naturally

Pomegranates are the most popular fruit which has numerous health benefits. You can add pomegranates juice into your diet or you can eat it. It helps to boost the testosterone naturally in men and also helps to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Eating Pomegranates also has other benefits like it contains higher levels of antioxidants, a single juice can have more than 24% of vitamin c. 


Almonds are rich in fibre, proteins and minerals. It also consists of zinc which is directly related to boosting testosterone levels. Food that contains zinc helps in increasing Testosterone levels and almonds are rich in it.

Consuming almonds also very beneficial for overall health as it is also high in proteins and vitamins. Make sure not to eat too many during summers as it is hot in nature. 


increase testosterone levels

Spinach is considered as one of the healthy green vegetables which have numerous health benefits than another vegetable. Spinach consists of magnesium which helps in increasing testosterone levels.

Spinach also beneficial for the overall help of the body due to its high richness in vitamins. According to a research food that contains magnesium and zinc boosted the T levels by 15-30% so make sure to add food that has zinc and Magnesium into your diet.


increase testosterone levels

Bananas contain bromelain which helps in increasing the libido and improves blood circulation. It also contains amino acids which are helpful to build muscles. Bananas are rich source of B vitamins which helps the body to reduce the stress level and increase energy production in our body. 

Bananas were easily available throughout the season and you must include it to your daily diet. It also contains tryptophan, an amino acid needed for serotonin production, our ‘feel good’ hormones and more importantly also helps in increasing our testosterone levels.

At the end

All the above-listed food can be consumed if you want to increase testosterone levels naturally. You can also take Ayurvedic testosterone boosters which will not only boost your testosterone levels but also help you to increase overall energy of your body, maintain the healthy sexual functionality and helps in increasing muscle without any side effect. Ayurvedic testosterone booster is clinically proven for providing the best result with natural ingredients to know more visit website:


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