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Drinks are an integral part of the Indian culture and parties, functions, corporate events or just a simple dinner that mounts to other heights with them. Perhaps, you do not know in India, different cocktails are offered for different occasions and seasons and to taste them in an overseas nation is just a dream for all Indians living outside India. 

It is no more an unfulfilled temptation for Indians in Perth, as Fusion 6, the best Indian restaurant in Perth presents a range of Indian origin and other cocktails in the most hygienic and presentable manner. We offer cocktails for folks of all ages from kids to adults and for different occasions. Have a look at the type of cocktails that we serve to our customers –

Cocktails have a base spirit of whiskey, gin or brandy. Our team also expertise in cocktails made from wine, sake beer, tequila, absinthe, and vodka. We have another liqueur or flavoring substance to add spice to the drink that could be juice, honey, milk, cream, sauce or honey. You may also order for special types of cocktails based on the ingredients we mix as our teams are specialist in a making variety of cocktails, which could be sours, flips, cups, and cobblers.  Here are some of the cocktails that you could choose for your occasion around –

Crustas- Margaritas, shaken cocktail served in a sweetened glass is simply mindboggling and a special touch of fusion 6 is impeccable.

Cups- It is prepared with liquors, siders, wine and chilled fresh fruit. You can’t just afford to ignore these as cups are our specializations.

Cobblers- Highly less alcoholic drink with fruits, juices and crushed ice. Ladies loves it and youngsters looking for a little tang of alcohol may just sip them up any time a day as we present this renowned cocktail round the year. It is a rage in hen and kitty parties in Perth.

Sours- Go on to sip sours, which is a blend oflemon and sugar, mixed in whiskey. It is simply refreshing and lemon and sugar gives winking tang to your taste buds.

Beer Cocktails

Hangman’s Blood and Boilermaker beer cocktails with champagne may be ordered. They are ideal for summers but for its lovers, we serve them around the year in Perth.

Rum Cocktails

 You may also have rum cocktails at our Indian restaurant in Perth.  Do not miss to take some sips of Bacardi and Daiquiri as our team presents them in an exceptional manner ensuring tranquil to the guests to the core.

Whiskey Cocktails

Mint Julep

Bourbon and water with pinches of sugar and a bit of mint leaves are the ingredients of this delicious drink. You may also take it as a smash due to mint in it.


 It is a blend of Canadian whisky and sweet red vermouth, and is simply mind blowing for adults.

Hot Cocktails

 Every drink needs not to be hard and cold; we bring hot cocktails too which are best to take in the chilling environment. Well, you may have it in summers too.

These are just not all; we are a store of some smashing and rejuvenating drinks for kids apt for birthday parties or other occasions involving kids only. These are non-alcoholic drinks with high nutritive value. We are a resource of traditional Indian cocktails too for folks in love with traditional drinks from India. 

Visit Fusion 6– the best Indian restaurant in Perth for some of the amazing sips of typical Indian appetizing and alcoholic cocktails served in different seasons, during lunch and dinners, as well as enjoy the typical Australian cocktail punches popular in daily life as well as parties.


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