Nowadays the word cleaning is used daily and defines itself for peace and also for the positivity in our circumstance and if the people get all dusty and sticky then there is hard to live there. So to stay with positivity the cleaning is must in daily routine. Similarly when the cleaning comes regarding our households and other essential parts. Which are used normally on a daily basis? It makes a good impression to others also. We have the Tricity’s Best Dry Cleaners in Panchkula they are the Dry Green which provides the Live Italian Dry Cleaning and also take care of your all basic needy items like fabric, shoes, handbags, sofa, and carpets etc. You need them to clean properly and keep them as it is in originally.

Dry Green cleaners “The Greener Dry Cleaner” are one of the Best Dry Cleaners in Panchkula; they provide the Eco-friendly Italian dry cleaning and have invested in eco-friendly machines that use chemicals that are safe for your second skin, odor free and environment-friendly. As a brand, they use high standards of industry innovation and superior craftsmanship, and dry green took exceptional care of the clients and their belongings. Along with they provide free delivery within 72-hours and contemporary Germany Hangers.

Why Dry Green Cleaners?

  • Live premium dry cleaning concept
  • World class machinery for Italy & US
  • Eco-friendly & smell free cleaning
  • Chemicals from France & Germany
  • First app based store in the Tricity
  • Introducing first time shoe & handbag cleaning.


The process of cleaning at Dry Green:

There is a seven-stage process of cleaning at Dry Green, which are:

  1. Inspection:

In this processor stage, Dry Green offers personalized service at their counters to the customers where garments are thoroughly inspected, uniquely tagged & prepared for cleaning.

  1. Repair& Alterations:

After the inspection process we tend to repair loose hems, fix open seams, reattached loose buttons including all other repairs, all these are done under repair & alteration process.

  1. Stain Removal:

In the stain removal process at the dry green, we take pride in our best-in-class stain removal process. We use over 25 different stain removal agents. All the stains are pretended before cleaning the cycle.

  1. Dry Cleaning:

We considered the detailing of each garment before recommending the most appropriate treatment. There are two types of environment-friendly dry cleaning at Dry Green, they are:

  • Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning
  1. Hand Finishing:

In the process of hand finishing, we use Italian vacuum steam for the highest standards & individually finished garments suited to your specific requirements.

  1. Customized Packing:

In customized packing, each item is individually packed on the hanger or folded, depending on your stated preferences. We use customized hangers; collar clips and inserts bags & boxes for different garments.

  1. Delivery:

At Dry Green, we collect; dry clean and delivery back to you within 72 hours.

We also have a developed a unique software system through which our customers can pre-book choosing their favorite slots to schedule pickup & drop off as per their availability with our different time slots. Customers can also track their garments on a real-time basis as they are Best Dry Cleaners in Panchkula.

Here is Several Services Provided by Dry Green Cleaners:

  • Premium fabric dry cleaning
  • Shoe & Handbag cleaning
  • Steam Ironing
  • Customized Packing
  • Alterations and Daring(raffu)
  • Express dry cleaning

They provide personalized services and expertise that everyone deserves. All the operations of Dry green are supported by strong technology and processes at the back-end. Tech innovations are built around the idea of making the customer’s life easier. With technology at its power, dry green has also launched the mobile application for customer’s convenience toss in free pickups and delivery at your home or office and you have a dry cleaning solution that offers great value & convenience. Therefore these qualities make Dry Green Cleaners the Best Dry Cleaners in Panchkula it’s a complete dry cleaning solution.

For more information

Visit at:

Contact no: +91-9136400003, +91-9136500003

Address: DSS 406, Sector- 8, Panchkula



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