Dr Parag Vora from McMaster University, Canada is a known name in Burlington but most of it has to do with his medical accomplishments. However, the medicine man in making a name for himself as change maker as well.

Very few people engage themselves in humanitarian deeds, and help people by doing kind acts of charity and support.  The famous radiologist, Dr. Parag Vora from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada) is one such good samaritan who has been working for many years to uplift vulnerable groups. Recipient of his last noble gesture was a blind homeschool based in Mumbai, India. Parag donated a big room for kitchen storage and distributed free food and utilities like sewing and knitting kits to K.D. Vora Home for Blind Women Disability Centre.

Dr. Parag Vora has given more than 2 decades to the medical field of radiology and from time to time helped patients pro bono as well. He graduated from McMaster University and is currently residing in Burlington Canada with his loving wife and 2 beautiful daughters.

On his last visit to India, we got the chance to meet Dr. Parag Vora and learn what motivates him to engage in charity and assist NGOs. Below are the excerpts from our interview with Dr. Parag from Burlington, Canada.

dr parag vora mcmaster

Interviewer: “How was your visit to the disability center of K.D Vora Home for Blind Women?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “ It was lovely! I loved spending time with children there. In morning, I visited the centre with my family where we delivered free food supplies for the disabled children. We went to the headmaster’s room and learn about the ongoing efforts and things they have been struggling with. We also get to interact with students and children. We ate lunch in the school cafeteria with them. It was one of glorious days in my life!”

Interviewer: “Looks like you had a good time. What made you help children with visual challenged problems?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “Women are progressing greatly in modern society. I believe in women empowerment and they have the power to revolutionize the world. I believe it is responsibility of people with resources to help less privileged groups and communities. With my small contribution, blind children will gain access to learn new things and become self-sufficient. We all are human beings and we should repay our society with good deeds.”

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Interviewer: “Well said Dr. Vora. I am impressed by your thoughts! What motivates you to help others?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “I guess doing good gives you an inner satisfaction and sense of peace. Differently abled people are also a part of our society. And we should make effort to help these people whenever possible! Gaining employing is a big challenge of such people and I think I will work in the same direction in coming areas”

Interviewer: “What are your plans in future? Do you plan to start an NGO of your own?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “Well, if fortune favours me, I will surely plan to open similar organisations, institutes and relief centres for people with disabilities all over the world so that they don’t get left behind. I try my best to find time from my busy schedule to do some good. I’m working on some personal NGO projects in Burlington, Canada but they are at a very nascent stage. To be frank, they are currently sitting on in Dr Parag Vora’s work computer. ”

Interviewer: “Wow! That’s very thoughtful of you! We hear many people call you as ‘Dr. Parag Vora’, Can you tell us what’s it like to be radiologist in McMaster University?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “Radiology is a demanding medical field. At McMaster, you have to clear the United States Medical Licensing Examination. You also need to clear certain state requirements. Also, you have to interact with patients, maintain electronic records, conduct research, and whatnot. Being Dr Parag Vora is quite challenging if you ask me ”

Dr Parag Vora burlington

Interviewer: And how is your life in Burlington, Canada”

Dr. Parag Vora: It is very peaceful. I live my wife and two lovely daughters. I love the scenic beauty of Burlington, and I have recently have taken up the task of becoming a local travel expert online. I have been blogging a little and also trying to establish as local travel expert of Burlington and Hamilton, Canada.

Interviewer: “Great! For those who want to check out his recent blog, here’s Dr Parag Vora’s Hamilton Burlington Travel blog. Thank you very much sharing your time with us!”

Dr. Parag Vora: “My pleasure!”

This was our short interview that we had with famous radiologist, Dr. Parag Vora from McMaster University.  If you want to know more about Parag Vora from Burlington, Canada, check out these links below:

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