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Pain in any part of your body can have negative consequences and prevent you from getting the most out of your time and activities. Pain in specific body sections, such as the knee and joint, may force you to undergo surgery.

The most prevalent sorts of pain-causing locations, such as the knee and hip, may require you to undergo procedures, which are currently the most common.

The most common total joint and knee replacement operations have been discovered. On the other hand, replacement procedures can be performed on any region of the body or joints. Wrist, shoulder, ankle, and elbow replacement operations are all possible. Let’s have a look at the common sorts of joint replacement procedures.

The Two Most Common Joint Replacement Surgery Procedures

If we start with whole replacement procedures, we’re talking about the process of removing damaged tissues or joints and replacing them with plastics, ceramics, or metals. These technologies or equipment are designed to completely imitate the ideology of the original bodily components and make them appropriate for use.

The following are the two most prevalent types of procedures that many individuals undergo:

1. Total Joint Replacement Surgery:

To have this process performed, you will need to contact the best joint replacement surgeon in Thane who can diagnose the problem and cure it in a timely manner.

In this surgery, an incision is made in the knee to remove the diseased joint, and the shin and thigh bone surfaces are thoroughly cleansed. Once the procedure is completed, the patient is expected to recover quickly and resume normal activities. They may require the use of a walker to get around.

2. Total hip replacement surgery:

When performed by experienced surgeons, this operation is minimally invasive. To expose the joints, a tiny cut is performed on the side of the hips. The surgeon carefully removes the ball of the joints, as well as any damaged cartilages. After that, an artificial device is implanted into the thigh bone before the incisions are closed.

The recuperation duration is normally one week here, with physical therapy beginning the day after surgery.

You could be concerned if you’re in discomfort and considering surgery. Surgical decisions are challenging to consider and may necessitate your complete focus. So, act quickly and logically by having the operation performed by the best joint replacement surgeon in Thane, and be certain of a quick recovery and effective outcomes.


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