Robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai

While there is no remedy for arthritis, modern therapeutic approaches are improving and providing long-term relief. Robotic knee replacement surgery could provide relief with shorter recovery times and longer-lasting outcomes for patients suffering from serious knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Damaged tissue in the knee is removed and replaced with an artificial joint during a conventional knee replacement operation. The same operation is carried out with the aid of a robotic arm in a robotic knee replacement.

Although it may seem to be a technology from the future, robot-assisted surgery techniques have been around for a long time. Patients can be on the fence regarding these procedures due to the uncertainty surrounding them. 

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from knee arthritis, keeping informed about the new treatment options will help you make better health decisions. Revival Hospital provides the best Robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai. Revival Hospital’s Robotic Knee Replacement offers performance and precision.

You’re a good candidate for robotic knee replacement if you’re a good candidate for conventional knee replacement surgery. Robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai provides you relief if you cannot get the relief you need from the conservative treatments.

Robotic-assisted complete knee replacement has a range of advantages.

Because of the precision of robotic-assisted surgery, it is possible to have:

1. More precise implant placement, resulting in a more natural feeling after surgery.

2. Increased protection and lower risk of damage to surrounding tissues

3. Minimal incisions can result in a faster recovery, a shorter stay in the hospital, and less pain.

4. The potential for improved long-term performance

Surgeons redesign all three compartments of the knee during complete knee replacement surgery. Patients who benefit from complete knee replacement over partial knee replacement have extreme arthritis, stiffness, or deformity (crookedness).

For patients suffering from hip or knee joint pain, robotic knee replacement surgery is an innovative alternative to traditional surgical methods.

Contact Revival Hospital today to learn more about the best option for robotic knee replacement in Mumbai and determine if it’s right for you.


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