robotic partial knee replacement surgery in Maharashtra

Do you have arthritis pain and haven’t been able to find a solution? Then, for lasting recovery and pain-free life, you need immediate generous assistance.

Extreme knee pain, redness, stiffness, swelling due to joint immobility, and other pain-causing factors are some of the common joint pain symptoms that necessitate knee replacement.

 Fortunately, there is a Mako robotic partial knee replacement in Maharashtra to free you from the shackles of arthritis pain.

Mako robotic surgery is more precise and has a lower chance of soft tissue injury.

Mako robotic partial knee replacement in Maharashtra is also for you if you haven’t gotten effective results and rehabilitation from short-term treatments and conventional consultations.

Before undergoing knee replacement surgery, educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, and consult with your surgeon to ensure your comfort.

What is the Mako robotic partial knee replacement procedure, and how does it work?

Mako robotic partial knee replacement is a robotic-arm-assisted knee replacement technique. The surgeon will use Mako software to schedule the operation ahead of time and then guide and advise the robotic arm to remove the cartilage. The robotic arm helps provide visibility into the pre-defined region as well as the specific knee replacement field.

A CT scan creates a virtual 3-D model of a particular anatomy, allowing for a thorough understanding of the patient’s problem. This also assists in the creation of a successful plan and surgical schedule for the upcoming procedures.

What kind of outcomes do you expect to see after the treatment?

  •  Increased effectiveness and knee functionality.
  •  It improves agility and versatility.
  •  Results in less pain
  •  Improved recovery time
  • Properly balanced joints

After a robotic replacement operation, what should you take care of?

Make sure to align your daily activities with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate rest. Remember, excess of anything can be harmful. If you feel some discomfort or pain, consult with your surgeon and stick to a pain management plan. For long-term healing and successful results, carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions.


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