robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai

The knees are one of the most important parts of the human body. Without proper functioning knees, you can’t even walk properly. Accidents and diseases can cause knee problems. 

People have to undergo surgeries to correct any knee issue. But they are afraid of the traditional knee replacement surgeries that involve cuts, blood loss, swelling etc.

So these days, hospitals have introduced new robotic knee replacement technologies that reduce pain, recovery time, and major cuts. These are way better than the traditional knee replacement strategies.

So for you, we have the hospital with the best robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai, Revival Hospital.  

Advantages of the new robotic technology:

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Smaller incisions
  3. Less blood loss
  4. Less disturbance
  5. Less pain

Detailed advantages of robotic knee replacement at Revival hospital

  1. Reduced recovery time

The traditional method of knee replacement took a lot of time to recover. At the same time, the robotic knee replacement available at Revival hospital reduces the recovery time of the patient. They can go on with their work or jobs very soon after the surgery.

  1. Better accuracy

The robotic knee replacement available at Revival hospital has improved accuracy as it includes the help of assisted robotics. It has assisted in exact incisions. This accuracy gives a natural feeling after the surgery with less stiffness, pain, swelling and numbness.

  1. Exposure control

The robotic replacement surgery at Revival hospital does not require any CT scans. The advanced robotic technology itself collects the anatomic data of your knee, thus saving the patient from the harmful radiations of CT scans. 

  1. Flexibility

The advanced knee replacement technology available at Revival hospital provides varied implantation options. It also offers dynamic ligament balancing at multiple stages. 

These were some of the qualities of the total knee replacement available at Revival Hospital, Mumbai. You can completely rely on the robotic technique available at their hospital.


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