RIRS surgeon in Chandigarh

RIRS is surgery performed to remove kidney stones without any cuts or incisions on the kidney. The procedure involves using a fiberoptic endoscope inserted through the urethra and then moved up to the bladder and uterus to the kidney. The small stones can either pass away by themselves or be crushed using the laser. It is the big ones that require surgery. It is minimally invasive and is the best option for treating cases including:

  • Large kidney stones
  • Stones in children
  • Unsuccessful past treatments
  • Obese patients

Kidney stones can be a major health issue and can cause blockage and infection in the urinary tract. So everyone wants a good doctor and surgeon who can provide the best treatment for his problems.

RIRS surgery requires skills and experience. So you need to select a renowned and expert surgeon for your treatment like Dr Neeraj Goyal. He is one of the most reputed and skilled urologists in Chandigarh. He has good working experience and has excellent knowledge in his working field. He has successfully handled thousands of surgeries in his career as a urologist. He is an expert in kidney transplants and kidney stone removal. He is a reputed RIRS surgeon in Chandigarh and provides the best RIRS treatment for large stone removals. 

Benefits of choosing Dr Neeraj Goyal for your RIRS surgery in Chandigarh:

  • Firstly he will review your full medical history to know any relation with past urological problems. 
  • He will then carry out a test that will include all the tests and body scans required to track your disease or problem.
  • You do not need to worry if you are a woman. He provides you with comfort, so you do not hesitate in telling your personal problems to him.
  • He is an experienced doctor and has handled thousands of cases successfully. He has attended a number of conferences and also handled complicated cases. So you don’t need to worry about the outcome.
  • He is an inquisitive doctor and takes time to listen to his patient’s problems and provides them with the best treatment method or any other possible procedure. 
  • He can understand other’s emotions and understands the value of your loved ones.
  • He provides you treatment with care, so there are fewer chances of complications, and you can completely rely on his suggested methods of treatment.


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