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Your pleasure knows no bounds when you see the two pink lines on your pregnancy test kit to find out when you will meet your little one. The pregnancy, childbirth, and everything that comes with them do not end with the delivery of your child. Following delivery, there is a postpartum period.

Defining Postpartum Care

A woman’s physical, emotional, and mental state changes after birth (whether natural or by C-section). A postpartum period lasts approximately 6-8 weeks after childbirth when you return to your pre-pregnancy state. The extent of recovery differs from person to person based on factors like childbirth experience, previous health conditions, etc.

The postpartum period is also a time when you undergo a variety of physical and emotional changes. The newborn needs you and your partner to care for him while you heal your body. 

All these things can sometimes be overwhelming as you go through them. Therefore, it is vital to identify all the signs and changes and work toward accepting them or healing them. Postpartum care is the care given to a mother after her delivery.

How does a normal delivery affect you physically and emotionally?

Vaginal Discharge

As soon as you deliver, you’ll start shedding the mucous membranes that line your uterus. During this time, heavy bleeding may occur. Nevertheless, you should see your doctor if the pain continues for a long time or is too intense.

Leaking of urine

You might involuntarily leak urine when you laugh or sneeze after vaginal delivery due to loosening your pelvic muscles. Ask the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh if you can do any exercises to help.


The area may be swollen and painful if you have haemorrhoids. Medications, creams, and foods high in fiber can ease it.

Final words

Each woman’s postpartum journey is unique, and postpartum care is critical. Observing your signs and consulting Dr. Ramandeep, a gynae doctor in Chandigarh, can make the process easier. Recovery from an illness requires patience, time, and the help of family and friends.


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