knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most challenging and common surgeries done by the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai. This surgery is beneficial for those who are suffering from intolerable knee pain. Most people think that it is a useful option to get rid of knee pain. However, some have myths and misconceptions.

So, let’s talk about some myths about knee replacement surgery, which are discussed by the knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai.

  1. This surgery is only for older adults.

This is one of the biggest myths. A lot of individuals think that knee replacement surgery is intended for older people. But the truth is this procedure is not exclusive only for the elderly and can be done on any age group.

  1. Knee replacement surgery is good for just ten years.

Well, we can say that this can be true to some extent. But if you go to the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai for treatment, then it can last for your whole life.

  1. Cannot do daily chores for many months

This is another myth that people think is true. But the reality is the opposite; most of the surgeons encourage patients to walk more and more. As it will help in rebuilding the muscles and reduce the chances of blood clots to form.

  1. Driving is impossible after surgery.

As soon as your knee starts functioning well after some days, the individual can drive safely without difficulty.

  1. Cannot indulge in sports activities

This is not true, and in reality, you can play more sports than before. The reason is after the knee replacement surgery, your knee will work better than before by which you can play very well.

  1. Bending the knee after surgery is difficult.

If you think that your knee will be permanently rendered post-surgery, then it is not valid. It depends upon the treatment you are given from the knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai. Moreover, the rehabilitation you are given also plays an essential role in this.

So, these are some of the myths which are in the minds of people. This is the reason why people don’t want to go for knee replacement surgery. But you should have clarity in mind before opting for the surgical procedure.


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