Best hip Replacement surgeon in Chandigarh

Debilitating hip arthritis causing mobility loss arises commonly in ageing populations. In earlier years, joint replacements provided basic functionality but recent advances by Best hip Replacement surgeon in Chandigarh are now facilitating active lives post-surgery. With custom implants designed for longevity matched with gentler surgical approaches focused on quicker recovery, significant improvements in quality of life are being achieved.

Understanding Hip Arthritis

Progressive wearing of the hip joint’s cartilage coating allows bones to grind directly causing inflammation and painful movements eventually limiting mobility. Contributing factors range from genetics, injury trauma, dysplasia, sepsis and autoimmune disorders. Over 60% of arthritis patients complain of persistent hip discomfort as factors precipitating disability accumulate with age including postural deformities like inconvenient spinal curvature, muscular deconditioning and osteoporotic bones vulnerable to fractures with minor injury trauma.

Treatment usually begins with conservative measures trying to alleviate pain and retain existing hip function:

  • Physiotherapy exercises improving muscular support and balance
  • Custom shoe insoles or walking supports like canes taking pressure off damaged joint surface
  • Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs trying to limit cartilage loss
  • Steroid injections directly within joint space to curb inflammation
  • Viscosupplementation via hyaluronic acid gel improving lubrication

When everyday activities get severely restricted by stiffening hip joints and non-invasive techniques stop providing reasonable relief, hip replacement surgery may be recommended. Here the worn out parts including – head of thigh bone (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum) are surgically replaced with ceramic/titanium/alloy prosthesis components for renewed mobility.

Surgical Options for Hip Arthritis

From traditional total hip replacements to advanced tissue preserving options,Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Chandigarh provides global standards of care:

Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)

Remains gold standard especially for elderly or very arthritic joints, done 300,000 times a year in India. The whole joint gets replaced by prosthetic stem and acetabular cup components comprised of ceramic, polyethylene and alloy materials. Fixation uses bone cement or uncemented press-fit for stability.

Hip Resurfacing

A bone conserving alternative retaining femoral head and neck by just capping the joint surface damage with rounded metal shell pressed over it. Polyethylene cup fills acetabulum. Ideal for young active adults as bone stock remains intact for easier revisions later if needed.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Muscle sparing modification of total hip replacement via anterior hip incision allowing better post op mobility. Special table facilitates surgeon access without cutting through any muscles or tendons. Early return to activities is enabled with less pain.

Revision Hip Surgery

If prior arthroplasty fails due to reasons ranging from prosthetic loosening, breakage, infection or persistent instability, complex revision surgery repairs damages while replacing worn components. Bone grafting with allograft prepared on site aids reconstruction.

Robotic Hip Surgery

A cutting edge advancement utilizing a robotic arm for ultra precise implantation of hip components customized to patient’s unique anatomy. CT based preoperative modeling allows simulating surgery reducing complications risk. Smaller incisions mean less pain and faster healing.

Outpatient Hip Replacement Surgery

Specially chosen cases of relatively younger, healthier patients can undergo total hip replacement as day care procedure allowing discharge within 23 hour hospital stay. After overnight monitoring following surgery, patients with adequate support at home can leave avoiding hospitalization expense/hassles.

With both conventional and latest keyhole approaches on offer, Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Chandigarh residents enjoy access to a comprehensive spectrum of hip preserving and hip replacement options from trusted surgeons. So seek advanced care near home and continue enjoying life unhindered by limited mobility. From toddlers with hip dysplasia to elderly needing joint revisions, solutions exist meeting every circumstance and need when it comes to preserving hip function.


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