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Unmatched levels of the excellent Mukteshwar view, at an altitude of approximately 7500 ft, Some Cottages are constructed with their excellent ideas that are very best and comfortable homestay in Mukteshwar. Here you can trek together for nature walks, try bird viewing or reacquaint oneself with hobbies and so on. 

Mukteshwar has a very famous vacation cottage that’s the Parvada Bungalows which is the best resort near Mukteshwar. There you can see everything around the cottage and will enjoy yourself with its scenery and climate.   

Parvada Bungalows provides you with the best budget and comfy rooms with modern amenities. Bungalows provide you with a particular home in which you are able to need any customized meals in accordance with your taste and the staff will be delighted to assist. 

They do not act as a formal resort property but venture out of how to adapt your basic requests to make your vacation unique. They will be delighted to lead you in preparing your stay so you can research Mukteshwar as a traveler rather than as a tourist destination.

Benefits of Homestay in Mukteshwar – Parvada Bungalows

Parvada Bungalows is a calm private boutique hotel situated not far from the temple city of Mukteshwar. The three-acre expanse situated within VS Fruit Tree Estate has a budding orchard filled with apple, plum, cherry, apricot, walnut and cherry trees. The escape has postcard views of the rolling mountains, and book woods on its southeast, east, and north-west.

Instead, you will get some good accommodations and experience in the various field which are mentioned below – 

  1. Accommodations: 

In case of accommodations, you will have benefits in Parvada Bungalows, the best homestay in Mukteshwar with your budget includes the Wild Fig Villa, Oak Cottage and Pine cottage. For example, you can guess at Wild Fig Villa; Located adjacent to the Quinta that the bungalows include three bedrooms, “north”, “central” and”south” and may accommodate one or 3 unique families. Two of the bedrooms also have duplex rooms. Each area has its own solitude. The Wild Fig Villa is designed to accommodate up to ten adults allowing friends and families to remain together.

The Wild Fig Villa has easy accessibility into the Qunita, which houses the couch on the ground floor, the kitchen to the first floor along with the yoga room/entertainment area on the second floor.

Instead of Wild Fig Villa, you can also stay at the Oak Cottage and Pine cottage. Both cottages have different advantages and qualities where you will get more fun, joy, and benefits of homestay in Mukteshwar within their climates and natural facilities.

  1. Experience

It will be benefits within homestay in Mukteshwar if you decide to stay or tour at Mukteshwar where many people are earning experiences with local people’s activity in various ways such as – Musical evening, Seakho Haat, Orchard Hopping, Mukteshwar, Walking trails in and around Parvada, Bhalugaad Waterfall, Almora, Kainchi Dham, Jageshwar Dham, Paragliding in Bhimtal, IVRI Jungle Trails and Quad Biking in Bhimtal.

Here you can see more about Mukteshwar; it gets its title by a 350-year-old temple of Shiva, called Mukteshwar Dham, located atop the maximum point in town. Close to it lies the overhanging cliffs, locally called Chauli-ki-Jali, employed for rock climbing and rappelling, with a superb view of the valleys beneath. The sunrise stage is in the government-run PWD guest home.

Mukteshwar also has a lot of cafes and restaurants, local handicraft stores (Kilmore) in addition to a doll museum. But you must remember that the Parvada Bungalows is the best homestay in Mukteshwar among many homestays.

Wrapping Up

If you are going to stay or plan a tour for a beautiful place at Nainital then don’t forget the Parvada Bungalows which is the best homestay in Mukteshwar. Parvada will provide the best rooms and services which may be your choice. They will assist in everything that you want and also offer you various accommodations such as Wild Fig Villa and experience within Mukteshwar and local activities. 

You don’t need to worry about your budget and facilities, Parvada Bungalows provides with a good budget homestay in Mukteshwar.


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