joint replacement surgeon in Thane

Joint replacement surgery is considered a severe surgery and needs to be done under expert care. The patient has to undergo many decisions and be wise while making the final choice. The treatment options, surgery timings, and most importantly, the implants need to be wisely chosen by the patient. 

The choice or the decision task can be challenging for the patients until and unless they choose Revival Hospital that provides the best joint replacement surgeon in Thane for undergoing their surgery. The expert surgeons at Revival hospital; can provide you with the best possible choices for the treatment options along with providing you with the implants that suit you for the best. 

Both hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery can fail with some wear and tear, infections or damage; studies have shown that finding the right implant for your surgery is way more important than finding the ideal surgeon for yourself. The duty of every surgeon is to carry out the surgery with success. But you, being the patient, need to complete your part of choosing the perfect implants for your joint replacement surgery. 

The choice can be difficult as the implants come in a variety of materials, branding, and types, especially with a knee replacement. So to wash off this confusion, we will brief you with all information you need. 

joint replacement surgeon in Thane

Types of implants

The most common type of knee implant that is often used in surgeries is a single radius knee implant. Other options can also be there like fixed bearing, mobile-bearing that majorly depends on the locking of plastic inserting the locks. 

Build material of knee implants

Knee implants are usually made of plastic or ceramic materials. Sometimes, implants are also seen to be made of metal attached to ceramic or plastic. The metal used in the knee implants is usually made of cobalt-chromium and other mixed metals. These combinations work perfectly in preventing any type of reaction. 

Final thought-

The success and failure of the surgery depend on the implants, so you need to be very careful in choosing one for yourself.


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