Menopausal clinic in Mumbai

Menopause – is a biological condition that marks the end of menstrual cycles in women and is most commonly associated with ageing. But in rare cases, it arrives before time. 

It is a natural biological process that’s common to happen in women after their 50s. Hence, it isn’t a bad thing, but symptoms coming along with Menopause are. They can send you to a Menopausal clinic in Mumbai for immediate care. 

Such as sleep disturbance, hot flashes, and mood swings are some of the common symptoms of Menopause which can lead to bad experiences. Vaginal dryness and metabolism issues are also very common in women with Menopause. 

 However, these are just common symptoms. In other scenarios, some unwanted signs are visible in women, and immediate response with medical assistance becomes necessary. 

Some Serious Symptoms of Menopause: You Must be Worried For

Lower Infertility

Menopause occurs when over 12 consecutive months have passed without a menstrual period. This resulted in lower fertility to complete infertility. It signifies that a woman has reached the end of the reproductive stage; thus, chances of becoming pregnant are dropped.  

Vaginal Issues

Vaginal infection, dryness or other vaginal issues have most commonly seen in women with Menopause. Few women also undergo frequent urination issues.  


Lots of changes in the body happen during Menopause, resulting in women’s mood swings, and irritations in the body lead to sleepiness at night, which leads to depression and anxiety.  

Hair Thinning or Loss

Overall appearance, especially facial beauty, is affected in Menopause and hair thinning or complete hair loss is the most unwanted sign of Menopause.  

Weight Gain

Sudden, unexpected weight gain can also be a cause of Menopause which later contribute to the breeding ground of further disease in the body. 

What to do if Menopause happens early?

As said, Menopause is a common biological process, and it can’t be reversed or prevented, and it isn’t worse until it is coming early. But still, some women aren’t that fortunate. In some ladies, Menopause has been found to happen early, and such conditions are called premature Menopause which can contribute to serious health problems, e.g., osteoporosis and heart disease, if early medical recommendations aren’t timely taken. So whether you are sensing the signs of Menopause or you are already going through it at an abnormal age and are concerned about your health now. Look no further; reach out to a Menopausal clinic in Mumbai because it is urgent for you.


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