Best eye Specialist in Chandigarh

An eye specialist is called Ophthalmologist.  All the problems related to eyes like low vision, Night blindness, dryness in eyes, Glaucoma, and other problems are taken care of by the ophthalmologist. Nowadays not only elderly people but kids also started dealing with eye problems due to bad eating habits and lifestyle. If you’re looking for the best eye specialist in Chandigarh then Healing hospital is the best hospital where you should go. Why? 

Experienced eye doctors: 

In Chandigarh Healing hospital is the best Multispeciality hospital which has the most experienced doctors who guarantee the best treatment according to the requirement of the patient.  

Healing hospital has the doctors who are a pioneer in their fields and completed their education from the best institutes of India and abroad. They are famous for their treatment and also known as the best multi-speciality hospital in Chandigarh.

Use of latest technology 

The best part of this hospital is that they use various latest technologies for the treatment of the patient which is less painful. Doctors In healing hospital understands the pain of the patients and always provides complete information about the treatment procedure. 

Healing Hospital Eye Care speciality has Operating microscopes with separate examination rooms, Major and Minor OT and a Special Investigation Room & Operation Theatre Equipped with Three Carl Zeiss (Germany) which makes this hospital the best hospital in Chandigarh.

Here is the list of all the other department of a Healing hospital

This hospital has specialized departments so that the patient can be treated in the best possible way. All the convenience offered by this hospital makes this hospital the best hospital in Chandigarh. If you want your treatment from the best eye specialist in Chandigarh then you need to visit Healing hospital.

Most common eyes problems

It is commonly noticed that as a person grows old they start losing their capability of vision but nowadays young kids are also seen with various eyes problems. There are many things that you can do to get your eyes back on track. It is necessary to do a regular checkup of your eyes by experts, as your eyes are so important and the only way to see this beautiful world. Here is the list of the most common problems faced by various kids, adults, and senior citizens. 

Colour blindness: 

In colour, blindness person is unable to distinguish between the different colours. Most commonly males are affected by these deficiencies.  A person may be unable to identify red, yellow, green etc colours although red colour deficiency is the most common in colour blindness. It’s important to visit the doctor, they will suggest if there any way to cure this problem or they might suggest you glasses through which you can easily identify between different colours.

Night blindness: 

Night blindness (nyctalopia) is an inability of a person to see at night or difficult to see in low lights. this is not due to retinal disease, but it can be due to optical issues. Night blind does not mean that you will see nothing during the night or in dim light. In night blindness you’ll face difficulty to see clear in dim lights or not able to see properly while driving. This problem can be solved by wearing correct lenses which will increase your day and night vision. 


In glaucoma, your eyes optic nerve gets damaged and it’s it not treated on time it could go worse. Most of the time glaucoma doesn’t show any early symptoms or pain but intraocular pressure can damage your optic nerve, this optic nerve transfers visual information from the retina to the vision centres of the brain.

Dry Eyes

In dry eye, syndrome patient is not able to produce enough tears. Symptoms of dry eyes are red eyes, dryness sensation, fatigued eyes, etc. Dry eyes can be caused by a lack of sufficient moisture on the surface of the eye. It’s important to keep your eyes moisturized if you want them to be more comfortable and healthy. This dryness can be caused by the watching tv of moble for with less blinking of eyes.   

There are so many other problems related to eyes which can be minor or can be major. If you see any symptoms in your eyes like eyes dryness, redness in the eyes or any other this can be the symptoms of major disease in your eyes. Visit your eyes specialist which will help you to identify the problem to avoid major damage. 


If you want your treatment from the best specialist in chandigharh then healing hospital has the best eye specialist in Chandigarh. This hospital is also a multispeciality hospital with each separate department with expert and experienced doctors at a very affordable price. Don’t wait to grow your problem it’s better to do the treatment as fast as possible to avoid any major problem. 


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