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Are you looking for the best CRM for Jewelry stores in India? Let’s first discuss the jewelry in India and Customer relation management’s role in Indian jewelry. Jewelry has always remained an essential component of the Indian way of life. The Indian jewelry sector has much diversity in styles and layouts based on the various areas.

The Indian Jewelry sector is growing with a whopping rate & prosper in the national and exports of Indian jewelry, these shining substances of India attract more glow to the market. Exports of Stone and jewelry make India the next biggest foreign exchange earner for the country.

Folks buy various types of jewelry to celebrate exceptional occasions. They purchase for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries and a lot more. Having a trusted CRM for jewelry stores is vital since it is going to help you look professional, store customer information, and exhibit your stock fast.

Among the largest challenges jewelry shops face is being not able to keep track of rather small and valuable things, which can be of nature into the stock of the shop. Undoubtedly, the right CRM for jewelry stores will aid your company in more than one way.

A good jewelry shop CRM system not only keeps track of the stock but also provides an abundance of information. The company can utilize such information for worker management, target marketing, and a whole lot more.

Why Want CRM For Jewelry Stores?

  • You will find more prospects, close more deals, maintain more clients and grow your company.
  • With the capability to create enlightening sales/purchase reports about the move, CRM Software makes optimal customer relationship management simple and flexible.
  • CRM supply complete information of a client such as personal information,  transaction history, balances as a result of other procedures.
  • Schedule follow-up jobs and set up meetings with clients and keeps track of client actions like site visits, telephone calls, email, and much more.

Best CRM for Jewelry Store in India

Abaca CRM is a platform-agnostic CRM for jewelry stores that can easily be accessed at any place, any time. It is a server-based retail management solution to capture all your marketing and sales efforts and convert them into real revenue.

With Abaca CRM, you won’t have to buy additional hardware elsewhere, as the Abacasys team will get you all set up. Abaca CRM division offers a variety of features that are a perfect fit for a jewelry store. 

Abaca CRM presents a fantastic mix of affordability, ease of use, value, and features. This makes their CRM for jewelry stores quite unique to store owners. As they offer an ideal solution for various retail establishments, features like item import, analytics, real-time data are just some reasons to consider this vendor.

With seriously fast checkout and payment options, this CRM for jewelry stores is worth the praise. Also, easily schedule repairs and track the progress of each order. 

So how Abaca CRM can help the Jewellery Industry to improve the business volume?

  • Messages reminders, good wishes, special day wishes, meetings, etc to customers.
  • Attach documents of any type, i.e bills, and quotations, etc.
  • Manage Online or Offline Lead generation Campaigns.
  • Capture Contacts and Customers at a central location.
  • Convert Leads into Contacts and Deals.
  • Manage Deals, Projects, and their different stages.
  • Manage Sales Team, Channels, Distributors and Partner network and their targets
  • Accurate Forecast of Sales Pipeline Monthly, Quarterly and Annually
  • Track Deal notes, attachments and progress centrally.
  • Proven Industry process with the flexibility to customize as per your unique requirements.

The Final Words

In order to grow your business, you have to work smarter, be active and organized. This task is as same for the jewelry store owners. As you read above, there are many reasons to make use of CRM to manage and run your business smooth. 

If you’re thinking that using CRM is not in the budget of your jewelry store, think again. In the fast-growing market and the high competition, you simply can’t survive by staying behind. The best CRM for jewelry stores can manage and boost up your business to a great extent. 

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