Obesity these days is becoming an epidemic. It is a serious condition that can cause health issues and reduce the quality of one’s life. Obesity causes several health problems and diseases like heart strokes, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, arthritis and may even cause death. So we have to look into this condition before it goes too bad. 

A person can go to the gym, take medical measures or play some sport. But even after taking all the measures, if a person cannot control their weight, then the next best option left would be bariatric surgeries. Bariatric surgeries are performed on obese people to help them lose weight. There are several bariatric surgery hospitals in India. 

If you are looking forward to a surgical hospital in Chandigarh, we suggest the best hospital for bariatric surgery in ChandigarhChd City Hospital. It provides you with the best treatment facilities in Chandigarh.

Why is Chd City Hospital the best for Bariatric Surgery?


Chd City Hospital has the best results in the whole of Chandigarh.Their patients lose about 60 – 80% of their excess weight in 1-2 years. 


Chd City Hospital has the fastest recovery rate. Almost all customers are satisfied with their results. They also use laparoscopic and minimal surgery for the best outcome. 


It has the best team of surgeons and doctors to perform the surgeries. They have the highest number of successful operations. 


The best team of surgeons, dietitians, and counselors work together and carry on the weight loss procedure. They also have a special team to carry out surgery for high-risk patients. 

All this will help keep a smile on patient’s faces and will protect them from many diseases.

We hope that the above features will help you choose the best bariatric (weight loss) surgery hospital. For other information, you can check out their site and learn about the procedures. 


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