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When we hear about Indian food then spicy, delicious finger-licking cuisine comes in our mind. Indian food is not only tasty but it has various health benefits as it contains spices which have numerous health benefits. So you don’t want to miss health benefits while eating finger-licking Indian food then you need the best restaurant in Perth who can serve you Indian dish in the real Indian way that

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Perth

Delhi6 Indian Sweets & Savouries

Delhi6, the best and authentic Indian restaurant in Perth, supplies the core of India for most of the events of presence. The best Indian sweets and restaurant in Canning Vale is absolutely Indian by the center, yet in precisely the particular same second comprehends the moving way of life, needs, and needs of people living in Perth. 

Delhi6 desserts and savories is a legitimate name in top quality Indian Sweets and Savories in Perth. They don’t settle on fixings and cycles, as they feel that simply the best of parts and tried and true cycles give products of this quality they give. 

For more information:

Address: 30/271 Amherst rd canning vale Perth, Western Australia

Phone no: +61 416 579 572

Fusion6 Indian restaurant

Fusion 6, a multi-specialty Indian restaurant in Perth, offers the quintessence of India for all the occasions of life. Our restaurant is utterly Indian from the core, but at the same time understands the changing lifestyle, desires, and requirements of people residing in Perth. Therefore, we present restaurant services with fused Indian and trendier approach.

They have a very good management team that manages all parties and also provides you with the best catering services. Fusion6 menu has all the Indian delicious foods which can think off and I bet you visit once and eat their Indian food you can’t stop yourself going back again.

Their perfection with Indian cuisine makes this restaurant the best in the entire Perth. They are not only limited to delivering tasty food but fusion6 also offers you a place for Indian wedding, DJ parties with an LED dance floor. 

For more information:

Address: 230 Cambridge Street WEMBLEY WA 6014 Australia

Phone no: (08) 6117-5713

2 fat Indians 

2 fat Indians Recently started winning the hearts of the people of Perth. By their special blend of Indian cuisine. They are also one of the best Restaurants in Perth which offers delicious food with good services. 

They mainly offer lunch and dinner with different drinks. 2 fat Indians also offer you catering services. You can visit and enjoy the tasty Indian cuisine at a very reasonable price. 

For more information: 

524 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Western Australia 6003.

Phone no: +61 08 9451 6595

Balti Indian Restaurant

Balti Indian Restaurant is very well famous for Indian cuisine in Perth. This  Restaurant offers you a mix the feel of authentic Indian cuisine with the stylish and the traditional balance. They make the best use of spices which gives you the best feeling while eating Indian food. 

They have very friendly staff who takes special care of the needs of the customers. You’ll definitely be going to enjoy your time there. Balti Main menu contains yellow lentils with spinach, dal makhani, mixed vegetables, etc and they offer drinks and a lot more. 

For more information:

Address:3/2 Saint Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australia

Phone no: 9221 3306


Sauma offers a wide variety of Indian Dishes which includes vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. Sauma stays open till late nights and offerers bar for drink lover, special Indian Chai, coffee, etc

Sauma menu also included a variety of street foods like pani puri shots crisp wheat bubbles, coriander, mint, etc. they serve their menu in 3 parts smaller, curries and sides. If you really want to enjoy Indian street food then you must visit  Sauma.

For more information:

Address:48 Pier St, Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australia

Phone no: +61 8 6161 7990

Royal India Restaurant

Royal India Restaurant is the restaurant that gives you the feeling of royal Indian food in a royal way of serving. They are one of the best but expensive Indian Restaurant in Perth. The royal restaurant is also one of the oldest and very popular restaurants in pert. The restaurant is 30 years old which makes then more experienced in serving the delicious food with royal style.

If you really want to try the Indian food in the style of Indian royals then you must visit this restaurant in Perth. Their chefs are so experienced and their food is another best thing which you can’t ignore although they can cost heavy on your pocket.

Their menu consists of signature dishes which contains goat curry, lamb shahi korma,

rogan josh, etc and in soups, they offer the cream of tomato soup and mulligatawny soup to know more, visit their site to get price details too.

For more information:

Address:1134 Hay St, Perth, Western Australia 6005, Australia

Phone no: +61 8 9324 1368

Urban Turban

The urban turban is one of the old restaurants in Perth and now they have become very popular in the whole of Perth. They offer a unique take on cuisine ranging from traditional Middle Eastern to South Asian inspired foods like Rajma dal,  Tandoori Chicken and lots of other tasty dishes. Their menu has more than 20 spicy vegetable sides which is the best you’ll find at Perth. 

Urban Turban also offers catering services and if you’re a person who wants a restaurant that offers Indian cuisine at low as well as a high price then this is the best Restaurant in Perth. 

For more information:

Address: 11 main street Perth

Phone no: +61 8 6296 7242

Haweli Indian Restaurant

Haweli Indian Restaurant is best known for its royal menu which includes lunch special in which you get lunch combo(rice, curry, and soft drink ) you can choose curry with from veg or non-vegetarian. For starters, you’ll get tandoori chicken, Lassoni tikka, chicken, etc. 

They offer a special dish of their own brand called Haweli Signature Dishes which include Raan-e-Haweli, Murg Kesar Malai, etc. If you want to know the complete list then visit their website.

For more information:

Address:955 Wanneroo R

Annalakshmi on the Swan

If you looking for the really cheap and best restaurant in perth then Annalakshmi on the Swan is one of them. they offer you Indian food at a cheap price and also a famous restaurant in Perth. 

There are some strict rules which you have to follow before enjoying Indian food there. They don’t allow taking outside food and drinks with you. More importantly, smoking and drinking strictly not permitted there. If you’re a person who loves drinking or smoking then you might not enjoy the food there. 

For more  information:

Phone no: 9221 3003  

Chakra Restaurant

Chakra Restaurant is best for those who want to eat tasty Indian food at affordable prices. They make tasty Indian food and offer various special prices. This Restaurant offers good services to the customers and their food also tastes like real Indians. 

You must go there and try Indian food which you really going to enjoy but the food taste doesn’t score as good as other restaurants on the list. 

For more information : 

Address: 841 Beaufort St, Inglewood, WA 6052

Phone no: 08-61530584

City Heart Indian Restaurant

City heart Indian Restaurant is one of the finest Indian Restaurants in Perth. This restaurant has very good service and they know very well how to attend their customers. Their menu has a wide variety of authentic Indian cuisine which was prepared b their experienced chefs.

City Heart Indian Restaurant menu offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food which includes seafood, bread, rice, drinks, curry and lots more. Their menu list is huge and full of tasty Indian food which you really wanna try. 

For more information : 

Address: City Heart Indian Restaurant Shop no:-2, 48 pier street, Perth 6000, WA

Phone: 08 6161 7990


There are so many restaurants in Perth but when it comes to the real taste of Indian food then Delhi6 is the Best Restaurant in Perth who makes you the best Indian food at Perth. If you never tried once then you must try food their I bet you wanna go again and again after trying food once.


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