Sliding Gate Wheels In Chandigarh

On the off chance that you are a resident of Chandigarh and wishing to instal a sliding gate to your home or huge mechanical zone then this blog is generally useful for you. Mittal Hardware Store is a fantastic and best spot to purchase sliding gate wheels Chandigarh. This hardware shop is one of the main suppliers and providers of flawlessly planned sliding gate wheels and other equipment instruments. 

Mittal Hardware Store is the provider of best sliding gate wheels that you can use in the field of huge business entryways and every private entryway. They offer various sliding door wheel alternatives like:- 

  • Sliding door wheels are accessible in various sizes 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″. 
  • Substantial wheels with Rocker. 
  • Stature customizable wheels with help. 
  • Wheels with shut help and external help 
  • Wheels with welded backing and lubricator. 

The sliding gate wheels come in different sizes: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm. All the sliding door wheel units and other equipment items that are given by Mittal Hardware Store are made of top notch preparations and they are designed for simple establishment and quiet activity. The slide entryway wheel unit incorporates PVC aides, wheels, and bearing. The sliding haggles could either be unified with a notch for which the wheels associated with slide inside. Other equipment apparatuses offer by Mittal Hardware store are:- 

  • Clasp Bolts, Screws, Rivets, and so on 
  • Abrasives 
  • Little Hand Tools 
  • Boring tools 
  • Casters and Wheels 

Mittal hardware shop offers the best sliding gate wheels in following packs (independently with a level transportation rate in whole Chandigarh city):- 

  • 10 PACKS 
  • 12 PACKS 
  • 100 PACKS 

To purchase sliding gate wheels in Chandigarh visit Mittal Hardware Store at the accompanying location:- 

Plot No. 437, Industrial Area, Phase 2, 


Or on the other hand you can call this hardware shop at – +919888382376


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