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Have you recently pondered beginning IVF treatments but have been discouraged by some persistent myths? It’s time to stop believing these myths and switch to a working parenting approach. Technology for IVF has evolved substantially.

It’s time to dispel some myths regarding in vitro fertilization (IVF) that the leading IVF center in Kandivali has completely debunked. It’s imperative to clear up these misconceptions because doing otherwise could lead to a lifetime of family planning issues.

Couples have been able to transition to IVF healthily thanks to IVF procedures utilizing ART or assisted reproductive technology, in keeping with the advancement and more advanced family planning methods.

All the IVF Details You Need to Know: Myths Busted with Actual Facts

Myth: If you are Covid-19 positive, breastfeeding is not possible.

Factual:- The claim made in any scientific study that an infection spreads through nursing is unsupported by any data. You are now able to continue feeding your IVF-born child.

Myth: Long hospital stays are necessary for IVF.

Factual:- Only your complete focus is required for the best IVF treatment in Kandivali. You are not required to stay in the hospital for any time. It places a focus on family planning that is more efficient, secure, and healthy.

Myth: The main reason for IVF is female infertility.

Factual:- Infertility affects men and women equally frequently, even though some people may find this an uncomfortable reality.

Myth: Younger Couples Should Avoid IVF.

Factual:- This is a recurrent myth; in reality, IVF works well for treating older couples. The level of effectiveness is a little lower, nevertheless, as compared to couples who are younger.

Myth: Babies born via IVF will have birth problems.

Factual:- Regarding congenital abilities, there is no difference between a child or baby born by IVF and a baby born typically.

Myth: IVF is more expensive since it is an unnatural process.

Factual:- You won’t need substantial financial commitments to receive treatment at the best facilities.

Myth: The first IVF cycle is assured.

Factual:- Your chosen center highly impacts the success rate.

Learn More from Professionals

If you’re considering using IVF to plan your family healthily, you should speak with the best provider of IVF center in Kandivali. Don’t take the chance of settling for anything less than the best.

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