antibacterial laminates in India

These days, everyone is very particular about hygiene due to COVID-19 because people need the product that is microbial resistant and makes the décor attractive no matter what the cost is. Allow us to introduce you to laminates. Laminates are classified into two categories i.e., Regular and Anti-Bacterial.

These days, more and more people opt for antibacterial laminates as they are more secure and safe without any harmful toxins. 

If you use standard laminate for home or office, germs can quickly multiply within no time. However, these germs and microbes degrade the space, directly affecting the overall durability and cleanliness of the laminate product. On the other hand, when these germs start proliferating, it becomes next to impossible to control them. 

But, if you talk about antibacterial laminates in India, they have the power of long-term resistance to harmful microbes, which reduces the risk of contamination, making a home or office hygienic.

These laminates have antibacterial properties, mainly used for kitchen tops and countertops, tabletops, cabinets, etc. These places can quickly come in contact with germs and microbes because of eatables and kids.

What makes Stylam antibacterial laminates different from others?

If you want to add volume to commercial and residential spaces, then antibacterial laminates from Stylam are the best choice. They are the number one manufacturers of all kinds of laminates, especially antibacterial laminates.

Advantages of antibacterial laminates: –

  • Safe and toxin-free
  • Efficiently reduces the effect and also the growth of various microbes at the applied site.
  • Delivers enduring performance without harming kids
  • They are thermo-stable means stable even at a higher temperature
  • Manufactured with Silver Nanotechnology which helps in reducing the various types of bacterial and fungal infection at tabletops or cabinets

Where can you find Stylam antibacterial laminates?

Stylam is one of the leading companies of antibacterial laminates in India that manufactures all types of laminates, especially antibacterial, to make home or office full of ambience. So, if you want to make your kitchen safe from harmful bacteria, then choose antibacterial laminates from Stylam. 

They deliver laminates all over India, both online and offline, to the esteemed clients at an affordable cost. For more information on laminates, you can check their website.


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