robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai

Arthritis couldn’t be cured properly, but things become more accessible with advances in technology and medicine.

A high degree of pain and swelling can be effectively treated by complete robotic knee replacement surgery for long-term recovery. Excruciating pain from severe bone-on-bone arthritis of the knee can no longer be treated with conventional medications and necessitates surgical intervention. All you have to do is explore the human and technical resources available in the medical industry to ensure a successful operation with the fewest possible side effects.

If you suffer from knee and joint pain regularly, the best robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai is here to help you eliminate all the issues you’ve been dealing with for a long time. If joint pain starts interfering with your daily activities and causing you to become stressed, it may be essential to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Fortunately, permanent healing options such as complete knee replacement are available to eliminate all joint-related problems and allow you to live a stress-free and pain-free life.

What is the procedure for a robotic complete knee replacement?

  • The surgeon will mainly use the CT scan to create a virtual image of the patient’s knee to determine the affected region. This aids the surgeon in devising a thorough plan for carrying out the necessary operations.
  • After that, the surgeon will use Mako robotic technology to fully replace the weakened bones and tissues with artificial joints made of ceramic, plastic, or metal. The Mako robotic technique uses arm-assisted technology to assist the surgeon in finding the painful or damaged region. The Mako robotic technology is used extensively at Mumbai’s Revival hospital to treat the damaged region. They are the leading healthcare provider, offering the best robotic total knee replacement in Mumbai.

What are the advantages of robotic complete knee replacement?

The in-depth analysis provided by Mako robotics provides the patient with a natural care experience achieved by accurate implant positioning during the implantation of artificial joints. As a sign of permanent healing, you will find that your knees are more flexible and pain-free.

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