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In 2020, Punjab faced a health emergency—a storm that swept through almost every home—and surprisingly, it was worse than the COVID-19 pandemic. In one of the Times of India articles, it was found that “In 2020, Punjab saw more deaths due to cardiovascular diseases than COVID.” 

This indicates that cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) emerged as the state’s main cause of death, accounting for an astounding 28.1% of all fatalities. This startling result highlights the pressing need for Punjab citizens to give their heart health top priority. 

So, if you or your dearest one is sensing any symptom that is linked to heart disease, schedule a consultation with the best heart specialist in Punjab right away.

The Growing Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases:

No doubt, the research exposes a worrying trend: there has been an increasing number of CVD-related fatalities in Punjab. A troubling rise in the incidence of heart-related conditions is directly linked to a rise in fatalities. However, this unsettling tendency is caused by a number of factors:

Unhealthy Diet:

While the culinary legacy of Punjab is praised across the world, many of its traditional meals are high in saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, and salt. Unintentionally, the popularity of rich, tasty cuisine has fuelled the increase in CVDs.

Lack of exercise:

Adult physical activity levels have drastically fallen in almost every country around the world, and Punjab’s youth is also not intact from this transition. The prevalence of inactivity has fueled obesity, which has increased the risk of heart disease.


The growth in heart-related illnesses has also been negatively impacted by the high-stress way of life that is common in Punjab. Chronic stress may worsen cardiovascular problems like hypertension.

Why visit Punjab’s Best Heart Specialist?

Given the seriousness of the matter, Punjab citizens must give their heart health first priority. Visiting the top cardiac doctor in Punjab should be a top priority for the following reasons:

Early detection saves lives.

The best heart specialists in Punjab have the skills and equipment needed to identify cardiovascular problems early. Identifying risk factors and situations early on helps prevent crises that could be fatal.

Tailored Treatment Plans:

These professionals can design personalized treatment strategies that are tailored to specific requirements. They have the knowledge to help patients achieve improved heart health through dietary changes, medication, or procedures like angioplasty.

Lifestyle Guidance:

The best cardiologists in Punjab can offer priceless guidance on developing heart-healthy practices. To reduce CVD risk factors, they may assist patients in adopting a new diet, physical activity, and stress management improvements.

Advanced Interventions:

These professionals are at the forefront of medical innovation when interventions are necessary. They are skilled and careful in carrying out difficult treatments like angioplasty and stent placements. So if required, they will proactively tackle the situation.


The Times of India article’s facts and analysis should serve as a wake-up call for Punjab citizens. Although cardiovascular illnesses are a hard enemy, they may be avoided and managed with the correct support and treatment. So wake up early and consult with the best heart specialist in Punjab today.


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