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Indian food is all about taste, species, refreshing, and tradition. When you hear Indian food there are so many delicious dishes which comes in your mind. Indian food doesn’t only deliver taste but also provides so many health benefits because Indian food mostly contains traditional spices which have several Ayurvedic benefits. If you want to taste and take all the benefits of Indian food then you need to find the Best Indian Restaurant in Perth and we’ll suggest you visit Fusion 6 Indian Resturant.

Fusion 6 is the best Indian restaurant in Perth. They have the best cooks who can prepare the best Indian food which is healthy and finger-licking good. They especially take care of the hygienic. They offer a very clean environment to sit and enjoy your food. The best part of fusion 6 is their customer service is up to the mark. 

Benefits of Eating Indian food

There are so many benefits to eating Indian food. We’ll clear all the myths which people might have heard regarding Indian food. Some think Indian food is not healthy as it a spicy, has lots of carbs. Indian food has numerous benefits some of them are listed below. 

Indian food includes vegetables

Indian food usually contains lots of vegetables on the list. Vegetables often cooked in a wrong way and lose it’s most of the minerals content at the time of cooking, but when you cook food in traditional Indian style then there’s very few loss of minerals and vitamins and you get extra benefits of spices. With Indian food, you can enjoy all the benefits of vegetables. 

Includes spices in cooking 

Cooking Indian food is included so many spices. These spices are turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, etc all these spices added or removed according to requirements because each spice has it’s own taste and smell. These spices work as Ayurvedic medicine to cause major problems in a humans body. Spices are used to cure human suffering of different disease. Now you get all the spices benefits in Indian food. 

Indian meals include carbs, proteins, fats, and fibers

An Indian meal is considered a full and healthy meal because it contains all the macronutrients which are necessary for any human body to work throughout the whole day. An Indian meal mainly included rice, wheat(roti), pulses, vegetables, and dairy products(lassi, curd, paneer, etc). Rice is rich in carbs, wheat also provides carbs and protein, pulses and dairy products are the rich sources of protein and other micronutrients and vegetables also give necessary nutrition to us.

Dairy Products 

Most of the time Indian food is consumed with dairy products. You have seen yogurt or glass of lassi with Indian thali. Curd is also included in Indian dishes which has so many health benefits. Yogurt is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12 on the other hand curd is rich in calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin B6. Lassi is another drink which is made up of milk and curd. All these dairy products you can try with Indian food at the Best Indian Restaurant in Perth.

Low in fats:

Junk foods are high in fats and low in nutrition whereas Indian food is high in nutrition and contains fewer fats then junk foods. Junk food is so harmful to our health and body.  Pizza burger, soft drinks all comes under junk food list. If you see the nutrition of these junk food they only consist of added salt, added sugar and fats.

Indian food most contains pulses, rice, vegetables, wheat, spices which are high in nutrition content and contains very less fat. If you’re a health-conscious then definitely you can eat Indian food. 

Spicy give more benefits to health

As you all know Indian food means eating food which is so much spicy. Research done on peppers found that pepper prevents the heart disease lowering blood serum cholesterol and reduces lipid deposits, and therefore, reverses excessive blood clotting.

Pepper also improve metabolism which will result in weight loss. Pepper also contains capsaicin which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Spicy food is not an easy task you any non-Indian but Indian food is incomplete without spices and there are so many other Indian dishes with fewer spices. 


Are you ready to try the Indian gratifying and finger-licking cuisine with all the health benefits, then visit fusion 6 Indian Restaurant because they are the Best Indian Restaurant in Perth their food quality and services are best in Perth.

For more information visit: fusion 6 Indian Restaurant


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