Healing Hospital images
Healing Hospital Images

Robolens knee resurfacing in chandigarh is an innovative technology company utilizing AI and computer vision to revolutionize 3D modeling. Their proprietary systems use regular 2D images to construct highly accurate 3D models without the need for depth sensors or laser scanning hardware. By leveraging deep neural networks and photometric techniques, Robolens can convert photos from basic cameras into textured 3D spaces in minutes. This groundbreaking digital modeling solution delivers photorealistic 3D visualizations and measurements unlocking efficiency for architects, engineers, developers and more. Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Chandigarh provides Robolens AI simplifies 3D world building with just a camera.

Healing Hospital Images

Knee problems like osteoarthritis can greatly impact mobility and quality of life. While knee replacements restore function, they may not be ideal for younger patients. This is where innovative solutions like RoboLens’ AI-enabled FT-3D knee resurfacing proves game-changing.

Understanding RoboLens FT-3D Approach

RoboLens FT-3D leverages the power of AI and robotics to perform patient-specific knee resurfacing that precisely targets damage while preserving healthy bone and tissue.

It involves two breakthrough components:

  1. AI-Enabled Surgical Planning

Through AI and cloud computing, RoboLens creates a highly detailed 3D model of each patient’s joint anatomy using CT scans. State-of-the-art algorithms then plan out the knee resurfacing procedure tailored to individual damage and anatomy.

  1. Robotic Assisted Execution

The surgeon uploads the AI-generated 3D surgery plan to RoboLens’ robotic arm. Its intuitive hand-held robot then uses near-infrared tracking to guide the surgeon’s movements with utmost precision as per this plan while performing resurfacing.


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