hip replacement surgeon in Thane

If you plan to get a hip replacement surgery, you should look for an excellent hip replacement surgeon in Thane. Only a surgeon can determine where exactly your surgical incision is located, how large it is, and lastly, which type of artificial hip can be planted.

Apart from that, they also determine the various factors that can affect the overall recovery after surgery. However, if you want your surgery to be successful, choosing the best hip replacement surgeon in Thane is mandatory. But the question is how?

So, ask these questions to the surgeon whom you visit before finalizing anyone: –

  1. Where will the surgical incision be and how much experience do they have?

If you talk about traditional hip replacement surgery, the incision will be at the back of the hip. Apart from that, these days, incisions are also made on the side of the hip or front of the hip. So, make sure to ask these questions and also about the total experience they have in this. 

  1. Which implant would the surgeon recommend?

There are various ball and socket components of hip replacement in many kinds of materials like metal, plastic, ceramic, etc. However, each of them has its advantages and risks. So, it depends upon the surgeon’s experience, which they prefer based on their surgeries till now.

  1. What are some possible complications a patient can suffer after the surgery?

Regarding this, the surgeon will tell around how many patients have suffered from post-surgical infection, how many of them need a second surgery and various long-term complications.

  1. What type of physical therapy is involved after surgery?

Physical therapy is a vital part after surgery in which patients have to do some exercise for faster recovery. In this, the surgeon will ask you to meet a physical therapist.

The final words

When you ask these questions to the best hip replacement surgeon in Thane, you will feel comfortable and confident with the surgeon. However, if the answers are not satisfying, then go for another option.


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