robolens knee resurfacing in chandigarh

Knee damage causing persistent pains and limited mobility does not have to mean inevitable joint replacement. Chandigarh now offers access to an advanced robotic technique called robolens knee resurfacing in chandigarh that promotes cartilage regrowth while precisely restoring knee function. This article explores this innovative joint restoration solution transforming outcomes for early to mid-stage knee arthritis patients.

Understanding Arthritis and Impact on Knees

Arthritis refers to inflammatory conditions affecting joint health. In knees, the protective cartilage cushioning the thigh bone from the shin bone gradually wears off causing bone-on-bone grinding. This leads to stiffness, pain and mobility issues classically seen in knee osteoarthritis.

As cartilage has limited blood supply, natural regeneration remains constrained once wear-and-tear damage accumulates over years. Therefore, treating knee arthritis early using preservation techniques becomes crucial before total knee replacements become unavoidable later.

Robolens knee resurfacing in chandigarh Technique

RoboLens involves an advanced robotic surgery merging a patient-specific 3D mapping protocol with an innovative knee resurfacing technique minimising healthy bone/tissue removal.

It encompasses two phases:

  1. 3D Knee Mapping

Using a CT scan, RoboLens first constructs an intricate 3D model of each patient’s joint showcasing the unique cartilage loss blueprint. State-of-the-art AI algorithms then create a detailed surgical re-growth plan targeting damage areas while preserving stable surfaces.

  1. Robotic Assisted Execution

The surgeon uploads the AI-generated 3D plan into the intuitive RoboLens robotic arm interface. Its near-infrared sensors then track and guide the surgeon’s hand movements with micron-level precision when resurfacing damaged cartilage zones meant for regeneration.

This personalisation and accuracy enables robolens knee resurfacing in chandigarh catering to each individual’s anatomy – restoring cushioning and mobility functions rapidly even for complex cases.

Why Choose RoboLens Over Manual Surgery or Replacement?

Comparatively, RoboLens FT-3D knee resurfacing delivers better clinical and lifestyle outcomes by:

● Promoting hyaline cartilage re-growth locally using special implants

● Sparing healthy bone tissue maximally based on damage analysis

● Enabling rapid recovery within weeks with low risk of infections/complications

● Supporting early rehabilitation critical for cartilage integration

● Costing 60-75% lesser than knee replacement surgery

Who are the Best Candidates for RoboLens?

Ideal patients for this advanced knee procedure include:

● Individuals under 60 years struggling with knee arthritis

● Young adults with sports-related cartilage injury

● Those exhibiting early joint degeneration signs

● Seeking non-replacements options to delay surgery

● Have failed previous surgical cartilage restoration attempts

Identifying Top Orthopedic Surgeons Performing RoboLens in Chandigarh

When selecting doctors for cutting-edge solutions like RoboLens, expertise and experience become vital prerequisites.

Schedule a consultation with one of these specialists for RoboLens FT-3D knee cartilage restoration. As leaders pioneering its availability in Chandigarh through expertise and technology access, let them guide you on reconstructing knee function precisely – saving joints without replacements!


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