solar power in Botswana

Once you’ve made the decision to install a solar power system, you’ll need to decide what kind of rooftop system you want. This can change depending on a number of things, including price and quality.

You can choose from a variety of rooftop solar power systems. There are numerous advantages to using solar power in Botswana, but choosing the system that will provide you with the best return depends on your decision.

Hunting for the various types of systems to select the best one out? Don’t worry; we have got you covered on the different types of rooftop solar power systems coming your way. So, let’s get down to business to explore more.

Different Types of Solar Power Systems for Rooftop Installation

1. On-grid

This kind of system relies on the grid’s availability to function; for it to work, the electrical grid must be connected. This kind of system is a great choice if you want a more efficient method of generating energy.

In the event that there is an excess of energy generated, it is returned to the grid. The power that is produced in excess can be stored and used later in this manner. It is a great technique to conserve and put extra energy to use.

2. Off-grid

In order to function, this kind of solar power in Botswana needs battery storage. It is not wired into the power grid and has a pre-built framework that is sufficient for producing adequate power generation and battery storage to cover all of the home’s needs.

Since the on-grid solution is less expensive than the others, the off-grid one will cost you the most in terms of expenses.

3. Hybrid

It is a system that enables the utilisation of power storage in batteries. You do this when the electricity grid fails, and you are not connected to one. When the sun is shining at its brightest, these hybrid systems are excellent at balancing grid electricity. Additionally, it will feed the extra electricity into the grid to earn credits for later usage.

Get the Best Suited to your Needs

Having your premises assessed to determine the type of system you should choose is always a good idea. Hire the reputable Apex Solar network to provide you with the greatest solar panel solution at the most affordable price. Get a solution that is suited to your demands because it will always pay off, regardless of the option you select.


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