we have rounded up a few useful points through some of the best gynecologists in Chandigarh

Sperm health is an element that needs to be taken seriously care of, but still, many people neglect to give it the required attention. For people like these, things can turn out to be challenging in future and may even make it impossible for them to reproduce. 

There can be several conditions due to which sperm quality and quantity can be affected. However, the question is- Does obesity have any role to play in the reduction of sperm quality and quantity?

In order to clarify this part in detail, we have rounded up a few useful points through some of the best gynecologists in Chandigarh. 

  1. Sperm production has a large role in the movement of sperm throughout the male reproductive system. For people who have gained excess weight, the weight works as a hindrance to the movement of semen, thus affecting the male fertility or production of sperm in the reproductive organs.
  2. For people who are obese, the production of testosterone reduces quickly and turns into estrogen. When this changes from testosterone to estrogen, sperm production starts experiencing a gradual decline. All this is a result of fat cells growing at a rapid rate in an obese person’s body. So, it is best to keep the body weight intact. 
  3. Inflammation is known to be a possible threat to sperm production and can even pose adverse effects to the generation that is still to come up under an obese person’s genes. This makes taking care of body weight all the more important.

End Thoughts

In order to keep the flow of race continuation, it is crucial to take care of sperm health. Being obese is not a good sign for healthy sperm production, and one needs to maintain a healthy body to achieve the desired sperm health. For more tips like the above, the best thing one can do is get assistance from Dr Ramandeep Kaur, gynecologist, Chandigarh


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